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where Do Feelings Come From? (Marley Reggae Remix)

uploaded: Mon, Aug 31, 2009 @ 4:31 PM
byJohnny SockHead
FeaturingAnchor Mejans on Vocals
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Originally this future retro track “Where Do Feelings Come From?” used only sampled female vocals,
Anchor wrote and sang his own new lyics to remake my original track for our CD release “Icon”.
Since then he has recorded many other versions of this songs with some talented folks…
Now we have gone back, reinterpreted and re-recorded it into a reggae version.
BTW: don’t get your hopes up about Bob Marley…this refers to Marley in “A Christmas Carol”.
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"where Do Feelings Come From? (Marley Reggae Remix)"
by Johnny SockHead

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