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Thu, Oct 21 4:48 PM logos review of Monocle feat Adisa - Deep Wishes by Monocle
I love it!
Mon, Jan 25 3:51 AM logos review of Transitional Moment by Scott Altham
Nice downtempo song!Great piano and drums.I like it!
Sun, Jan 24 5:12 PM logos review of Resilience & Dignity with SackJo22 by timberman
I think i overlooked this one today.Great song a what a nice gesture to dedicate...
Sun, Jan 24 5:08 PM logos review of Maybe I Should Stay by dabra
Heard it earlier today.I already thought it had something about it.This must be ...
Sun, Dec 20 12:15 PM logos review of free by airtone
Great track!I love the jazzy mood,Trumpet and it reminds me of a remix i did it ...
Sat, Dec 19 5:37 AM logos review of Forensic (Sol) - Self Reflection DjiZ RmX by Kwame
great!I love the guitar!
Sat, Dec 19 5:32 AM logos review of compromise 8 by pickman
Great mix.The piano is spot on.Good choice!
Sun, Dec 13 5:45 PM logos review of Shoogie (Live at Shakey's Pizza Parlour) by Admiral Bob
Very nice!You are a great guitarist.I especially like the end with the guitar.Ma...
Sun, Dec 13 5:41 PM logos review of Noth'n like this Feeling by ScOmBer
Great song!
Sun, Dec 13 6:17 AM logos review of (I like the way) You give me Chills by morgantj
Great track!I like your style.Keep it up!
Sat, Dec 12 2:50 PM logos review of Aimée ? by Niemandsland
Sat, Dec 12 2:43 PM logos review of Just a Song by Admiral Bob
Great song.It really sounds like an old record!Very nice
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