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Thu, Aug 20 10:42 AM logos review of Wave of the Day (Live at the ccM Convention) by ScOmBer
Really great instrumental.I thought the vocal was a bit too ''jazzy'' for a roc...
Mon, Aug 17 6:59 AM logos review of Puddle by FGrn Grn
Nice song.I like the dark and mysterious vibe
Sun, Aug 16 12:19 PM logos review of Piano by FGrn Grn
Great sample.Thanks!
Sun, Aug 16 12:07 PM logos review of PLoo 5b Instrumental by FGrn Grn
Hey.Great beat.Really cool intro.I like the synths and the filters you used in t...
Sat, Aug 8 4:44 AM logos review of Blue Boy (Life Goes On) by Ivan Chew
Nice!.The guitars remind me a bit of mark knopfler.Good song!
Sat, Aug 8 4:42 AM logos review of Small Back Room by CiggiBurns
Beautifull.Love the piano and what a great voice you have.Great song!
Thu, Aug 6 5:50 PM logos review of I Want to Shout Out(NIGHTATTAC REMIX) by nightattac
verry good.That bell pad like sound is very cool.Good drums too.Dope man!
Thu, Aug 6 5:47 PM logos review of I Grow Old (Allen Ginsberg Mix) by Budapest BluesBoy
Wed, Aug 5 1:48 PM logos review of Change Choices by teru
Fantastic song.Excellent mix.I really like change of beats from dnb to hip hop.R...
Wed, Aug 5 1:42 PM logos review of Maybe by ghosts4hire
Nice beats!
Tue, Aug 4 6:48 AM logos review of Emily Fusion Mix by unreal_dm
I love dub music.It's really nice to find it on ccmixter.Great track.I love the ...
Tue, Jul 28 8:48 AM logos review of Light Patterns by morgantj
really cool track.I like the weird percussion.I would say it sounds like abstrac...
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