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Thu, Dec 10 2:07 PM logos review of I know by ScOmBer
Great song!Nice collab.Excellent vocals and i like the skanks alot!
Sun, Dec 6 6:02 AM logos review of Another Week End / BEAT 02 by Bocrew
Yeah nice!Good beat.I like the pace of the drums.They follow a bit behind.Good u...
Sun, Dec 6 5:55 AM logos review of THE Reason ! ( Somthin Special) by Loveshadow
Great Production.Sounds like a complicated song to get into.Especially because o...
Sat, Dec 5 4:20 PM logos review of White Out (Shade of the Moon Mix) by SackJo22
Nice song!You created a nice atmosphere.Mysterious and Foggy.It's what a dream s...
Sat, Dec 5 4:17 PM logos review of Who's that Thug? by morgantj
Nice!Real thunder bass you got there!Cool song
Fri, Dec 4 5:08 AM logos review of I'll Wait by DoKashiteru
Nice song!It's deep.A bit moody and dreamy.I just listened to arrive dreams arri...
Tue, Dec 1 2:43 PM logos review of keep your head up by beckfords
Nice song!I like the upbeat feel it has.
Sat, Nov 28 4:46 PM logos review of Brown & Gold (Soft Rock Mix) by unreal_dm
Mon, Nov 2 5:46 AM logos review of One HUNdred Proof(minimal) by error404
Mon, Nov 2 5:44 AM logos review of Plan Your Escape by gmz
Alot of talent on ccmixter..I havent checked the site for a while and almost eve...
Mon, Nov 2 5:41 AM logos review of Kill Kill Kill (Wobble Mix) by el-B
Great!I love the wobbles
Mon, Nov 2 5:37 AM logos review of AIR TRANSIT / Feat MCJACK by Bocrew
I like your style...I thought the blips were less interesting in this song but t...
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