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Wed, Jun 17 2:41 PM logos review of Lucy Jane Pella ( Joshua Hults ) by Joshua Hults
Excellent.Really cool song.Love the piano and strings.Great vocal too.Like it wa...
Wed, Jun 17 2:37 PM logos review of Nylon country - Solito feat. Hector Thillet by Kojo_Akusa
I like your style.You make great music.House with some detroit flavors.Not so su...
Wed, Jun 17 2:34 PM logos review of If you cant (kojo akusa remix 1) by Kojo_Akusa
Great track!
Sun, Jun 14 11:50 AM logos review of Ophelia's Song by Jeris
Nice.I like your approach.Nice uptempo beat.Love the guitars and the vocal sound...
Wed, May 20 4:58 AM logos review of siren by oldDog
Great song.Nice dreamy mood.I like the harp and flute and the water sample too.I...
Tue, May 19 1:43 PM logos review of Six Feet Under (porchmix) by PorchCat
Great!I really like this remix.I like your approach.You made it sound dark.I thi...
Tue, May 19 1:40 PM logos review of six feet under (with LSN) by pharmacopia
You made it sound like sting.hehe.I like the jazzy sounds.It's completely differ...
Tue, May 19 1:23 PM logos review of Like they Used to (cdk 420 mix) by cdk
Great remix.Love the vibe.Cool rhodes
Fri, May 15 1:34 PM logos review of Hieroglyphs (minimal jazz mix) by Budapest BluesBoy
This is great man.I really like the clarinet at least i think it is a clarinet i...
Mon, Apr 6 11:43 AM logos review of Swanker_Pella by magmavander
Nice jazzy vibe.The Percussion Near the end is fantastic!
Mon, Apr 6 11:37 AM logos review of Unspoken Thoughts by radiotimes
Nice song.I really like the guitar and sax.Piano is quite nice too!
Thu, Mar 26 6:56 PM logos review of What's Going On? by MC Jack in the Box
Cool track.Bass sounds very good
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