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Sat, Mar 28 11:10 PM Citizen C review of Flurning by Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
Your from our home State I hope your in the Boundary Waters!
Wed, Apr 15 8:33 AM Citizen C review of Wind Chimes by Attic Ella
Like it my tinnitus really shuts up!! and i feel the tribal beat!...and melodic ...
Wed, Mar 25 6:42 PM Citizen C review of Kauai Nature Sounds (birds, ocean, rain, bells, gong) by Snowflake
Brings back fond memories was their x46 yrs ago Waimea bay paradise dirt roads s...
Wed, Mar 25 5:56 PM Citizen C review of Enjoy Every Moment by Snowflake
Thanks to Bonnie and Yourself for sharing this Awareness indeed.
Mon, Jan 19 9:40 PM Citizen C review of Cunnamulla by debbizo
Nice Acoustic Sound indeed and read about that place in wiki i have a river in t...
Mon, Jan 19 8:23 PM Citizen C review of Cunnamulla by Stefan Kartenberg
Road Trip Sound...Very Nice Work Ya all!
Mon, Jan 19 7:31 PM Citizen C review of Spank That Funky Butt by texasradiofish
Nice Mix/Sound STFB - one could do that in the days b4 the musical extremists st...
Mon, Jan 19 7:12 PM Citizen C review of AM_95 by unreal_dm
I Digs it.
Mon, Dec 8 8:31 PM Citizen C review of Garnet Wine by keytronic
Nice Sound accomp would like to hear this at speakeasy joint spippin on some... ...
Mon, Dec 8 8:08 PM Citizen C review of Desirable Things ( Between Worlds ) by Dan_Mantau
Real nice mix accomp and Jav vocals rems me of some Thomson Twins "Mad World" tr...
Mon, Dec 8 8:01 PM Citizen C review of Take me to the Graveyard by ScOmBer
You cant fool me I new she came by after that CNN gig with the troops. Nice trac...
Mon, Dec 8 7:59 PM Citizen C review of ccM radio show part 1 by Stefan Kartenberg
Cool & and digs that Donna Summer Love To Love You Baby like bassline gets out o...
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