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Citizen C (ChuckBerglund):

Reviews left by Citizen C

Mon, Dec 8 7:50 PM Citizen C review of between worlds by smilingcynic
Beauty in its own Stands. Thanks
Mon, Dec 8 5:04 AM Citizen C review of Gaby by rocavaco
One could express one's love in another with music wow this is Lovely!
Sun, Nov 16 11:36 AM Citizen C review of Life with CDK by copperhead
Great support teamwork lots of energy in sound vocals a rocking briefing for the...
Sun, Nov 16 11:26 AM Citizen C review of Senses Swivelling by debbizo
Sounds like you called in Duran Duran to the Ordinary World senses have...
Fri, Nov 14 12:11 AM Citizen C review of We're Stronger as a Whole, Luv by copperhead
Sweet! You All!
Thu, Nov 6 4:40 PM Citizen C review of Winter comes, autumn leaves. by robwalkerpoet
Soo...Beautiful had to dl it... have not had to dawn thy parka yet youbetya! im...
Fri, Oct 24 10:57 PM Citizen C review of Train of the Organized Truth by Stefan Kartenberg
Like the imagination and sound in this and rems me of some Buddy Holly! hes sitt...
Thu, Oct 23 2:56 PM Citizen C review of The Path to the Sun by copperhead
That a didgeridoo in their!...this has induced plasticity in my excitatory synap...
Thu, Oct 23 2:45 PM Citizen C review of Breathe the Sun by Snowflake
Produced a solar brain flare in my lab my synapses expanded passed energy! and a...
Sat, Oct 11 9:31 AM Citizen C review of Dancing In Deep Unity by Speck
Funkadellic what a groove of stars! got me outa zombie mode!
Thu, Oct 9 7:09 PM Citizen C review of tribute for J M Jarre by Stefan Kartenberg
Beauty and a living tribute at that! dwnld Thanks
Wed, Sep 17 10:32 PM Citizen C review of Harmony by Snowflake
Forwarded this link to the Facebook page of the Peoples March NYC.
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