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Citizen C (ChuckBerglund):

Reviews left by Citizen C

Thu, Jul 25 12:24 AM Citizen C review of Prayer for Rain by Calling Sister Midnight
Thu, Jul 25 12:10 AM Citizen C review of Mad Summer Nights Pastiche - City Beach by debbizo
Liked that Poem great backtrack mix the delight of warm summer nights under the ...
Thu, Jul 25 12:03 AM Citizen C review of Turning Into Normal (What Once Felt Strange) by SackJo22
I even hear some disco Donna I want a competent dj to play this live think some ...
Tue, Jul 23 6:53 PM Citizen C review of donnieozone and mag On My Way by magmavander
Movin track...dig it...composed creatively with the lyrics!
Tue, Jul 23 6:04 PM Citizen C review of Faithless [Krautrock mix] by naotko
Dig it! Nice work all!
Mon, Jul 22 12:55 AM Citizen C review of Electric Piano Riff 90bpm by Greg Baumont by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Diggin it 3!! Downloaded! Thanks!
Mon, Jul 22 12:38 AM Citizen C review of Magic Trumpet by Doxent Zsigmond
Great Sound Jazzy Mix! nice instrument arrangement in reverberation reflections ...
Mon, Jul 22 12:22 AM Citizen C review of Here and Now by Rewob
melodically hypnotic but most seem their in the hear and now with their mad summ...
Mon, Jul 22 12:13 AM Citizen C review of Forever How This Time Will Last by Rewob
digging this! like life its been a trip...Thanks
Sun, Jul 21 11:47 PM Citizen C review of Dreaming by mofox123
now ya all made me loose control thanks i needed a break from logic that human n...
Fri, Jul 19 6:15 PM Citizen C review of BMW_Cruising_kristin_hersh_MiX by magmavander
Mind Cruising! Superb! im a byte desensitized not with this my wiring is satisfi...
Fri, Jul 19 5:40 PM Citizen C review of mag and Coruscate_-_Pincer Move by magmavander
Grooooves!!!!!!!! any chance of stems?
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