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Turning Into Normal (What Once Felt Strange)

uploaded: Sun, Jul 21, 2013 @ 11:43 PM
FeaturingAnalog by Nature, Haskel (HE31)
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This track turned into an exploration of contrasts as I took ABN’s upbeat dance madness and used it as a bed to explore the theme de jour (pretty obviously laid out in the lyrics). I didn’t know much about Analog by Nature, and still don’t really — except that they have a sense of humor, and CDK is part of the ABN crew. Needless to say, going through the ABN catalog was fun. I am not even sick of the source tracks that I used for this remix even though I must have listened to them 40,000 times by now.

Ultimately, for me this track became all about the feel which is completely grounded in ABN’s powerful grooves.

Once again, I am so very grateful to Haskel (aka HEJ31) for sharing his fine guitar stylins’ with me. As far as I’m concerned, he just makes this track go in the best possible way (he plays an extended solo at the end if you listen that long).

Can you guess who my sonic influence was while making this song?

I’ll get the vocal stems uploaded soon, and Haskel’s guitar too.


Are your ready? Are you ready baby?

I saw the signs before I knew what they mean
fires and storms — dead birds in the street
towers falling and shining stars
telling me how we were — showing me how we are
filled with promise, filled with fear
this has got to be one of the hardest years
changes profound in the world and in our home
releasing restless spirits that venture forth to roam
into realms of fancy — into dreamy caves
turning into normal what once felt strange

Are you ready to know
ready to see
ready to let go
ready to love me
Are you ready to show up
ready to man up
ready to let me beat you way up
I’ll give you my heart
I’ll give you my soul
You will be the man if you make me feel whole
Ready to be kind
Be kind to me
I’ll try to open my mind
so my heart will be ready

Are you ready? Are you ready baby?

Progress perspective possibility
filter through like dust shook from memory
visible in light ephemeral as sound
while rusted chains emerge from roots
that serve to link and ground
Run along the road dark dreamy freeways
turning into normal what once felt strange
can we cross the threshold
what truth can we obtain
turning into normal what once felt strange

"Turning Into Normal (What Once Felt Strange)"
by SackJo22

2013 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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Editorial pick

To quote HEJ31 “This may be one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever recorded”. Sackjo22’s response was “I think you may be a bit biased”. This may be true, because HEJ31 did the killer lead work on Sackjo22’s remix of AnalogByNature but it has made me a believer.
I was late to the party(4 days) to review it (Turning Into Normal) and I noticed it wasn’t Ed-Picked. I was thinking it’s too late to do so for some reason but the song was in my head all day today and I couldn’t figure out what song was ping ponging in my brain. Then I realized what it was and I knew what I had to do when I arrived home.