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Citizen C (ChuckBerglund):

Reviews left by Citizen C

Fri, Jun 20 9:30 PM Citizen C review of Over Again by IDzeroNo
Digs them melodic stabs/beat glitch accompanimanz!
Fri, Jun 20 9:27 PM Citizen C review of Puff Pass by IDzeroNo
You livin in Colorado! I will be right over!
Wed, Jun 4 4:06 AM Citizen C review of Trying Not to Break by Kara Square
Nice Track Im relating this to Mother Earth speaking as im desensitized, broken ...
Tue, May 27 5:40 PM Citizen C review of Poppy Blues by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Martijn the name of the track any reason why the name? how did you know the 128K...
Tue, May 20 8:58 PM Citizen C review of Keep On Fighting by Zep Hurme
So powerful it shut down my internet explorer off for a second upon pressing the...
Tue, May 20 8:45 PM Citizen C review of Au revoir Emily by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Sad? a blessing my tinnitus went bye bye glad to see wmn uploading some acoustic...
Tue, May 20 8:22 PM Citizen C review of This way >> by ScOmBer
Happy Sound Chords Vocal Tune makes me want to Move this awoken me DNA.
Tue, May 13 12:43 AM Citizen C review of D#100-AccGTR-chillgroove by Javolenus by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
nice chill indeed!
Sun, May 11 1:58 AM Citizen C review of Painting in the sky by numbers (ft. Doxent, Dave Merrick & Martijn de Boer) by robwalkerpoet
I hear some bliss of Ambience in the call for some a search of empathy so...Beau...
Wed, Apr 30 11:07 PM Citizen C review of Parfois by Speck
Sazy Piece! rems me of my virtual Paris tour i should learn French maybe they wo...
Wed, Apr 30 6:19 AM Citizen C review of Human Race by unreal_dm
Lots of Class and Room going on here! Swinging Theme track!
Tue, Apr 29 7:28 PM Citizen C review of Devyn Rose - Heartbeat [future soul mix] by naotko
guess not much input for a dominate V chord for R/B it may of had to much ambien...
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