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Spank That Funky Butt

uploaded: Sat, Jan 17, 2015 @ 12:37 AM last modified: Sun, Jan 18, 2015 @ 1:44 AM  (replace)
FeaturingAdmiral Bob, Jeris, snowflake, ElRon Xchile, Martijn de Boer, My Free Mickey, Clarance Boddyker, tigabeatz, FORENSIC, coruscate, zotz, chubbychasers, misterC, KCentric, Moe Train, Kara Square, lorenza80, ylem, dobroide
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The infunktion expands with a mashup of 16 ccMixter sources, 3 samples plus TRF recorded keyboard, synths, guitar and interview with the man on the street.

Sound Satisfaction by Coruscate, Checkin You Baby by zotz and Summerdrums by myfreemickey are remixed for the first time in Spank That Funky Butt.

The chorus shout out “butt” was configured as whole or partial D9 or Am chords using the word “butt” provided by Kara, Coruscate and robwalkerpoet.

Jeris, Admiral Bob and Martijn tracks from Funky Butt were edited to reduce length and complement the vocals. misterC and Martijn’s bass tracks were run through an Amplitube model of a Fender Bassman 300. Horns and drums are legal and tender samples from our project studio audio library.

The Players

Intro Part 1

Electronico - Korg keyboard (vibes, portamento synth); Softsynths (Harmor, Piozone, Dune)
myfreemickey - congas
tigabeatz - udu
Snowflake - Orc Choir

Intro Part 2

ElRon - guitar
Electronico - Korg keyboard (organ, piano)
Tony “Spazz” Sferlazza - bass
Martin - bass (two notes from Funky Bits solo )
myfreemickey - congas
tigabeatz - udu
voices - ElRon and Electronico


Jeris - epiano, clavinet
Admiral Bob - guitar
Martijn - bass
chubbychasers - “Spank That”
snowflake - “Funky”
Coruscate - “Drop that butt … to the floor” and “butt” (notes C, E and F#)
Kara - “butt” (notes A and E)
robwalkerpoet - “butt” (notes D and E)
4nsic - “scrubdaflo”
boddyker - “who u is molly mcbutt”
moetrain - “double duty booty”
kcentric - “I can tell you got soul”
zotz - “I been checkin you baby, u is driving me crazy, no time to be lazy”
dobroide - girls laughing

Interview on the street

Electronico - Interviewer
ElRon - Man on the Street
lorenza80 and ylem - street noise recorded in Mexico


ElRon - guitar
Electronico - Korg keyboard (organ)
misterC - bass


(1) 136453__lorenza80__trafico-en-mexico Licensed CC BY NC
(2) 154962__ylem__puesto-de-tacos-callejero-tacos-street-stall Licensed CC BY
(2) 78493__dobroide__20090823-laughter Licensed CC BY

"Spank That Funky Butt"
by texasradiofish

2015 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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