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Remember the Name - Loop Packs

uploaded: Wed, Mar 1, 2006 @ 3:04 AM
byFort Minor
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Fort Minor samples appear courtesy Fort Minor, Warner Bros. Records, and Machine Shop Recordings.

These are loops cut from the original recording session for Fort Minor’s Remember the Name.

They are uncompressed WAVs that have been ACIDized with BPM (85) and key (C) information.

ReCyle (RX2) files are also avaiable.

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Contents of ZIP Archive: band (ZIP)

  • /kick-03.wav (486.67KB)
  • /snare-01.wav (973.06KB)
  • /snare-02.wav (973.06KB)
  • /snare-03.wav (973.06KB)
  • /tamb-01.wav (243.47KB)
  • /tamb-02.wav (243.47KB)
  • /tamb-beep.wav (973.07KB)
  • /wood-01.wav (243.47KB)
  • /wood-02.wav (243.47KB)
  • /wood-3.wav (486.67KB)
  • /wood-4.wav (243.47KB)
  • /bang.wav (486.66KB)
  • /bass.wav (973.06KB)
  • /guitar-beeps.wav (973.07KB)
  • /hi-hat.wav (973.03KB)
  • /kick-01.wav (486.67KB)
  • /kick-02.wav (486.66KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: strings (WAV ZIP)

  • /strings-05.wav (973.06KB)
  • /strings-06.wav (973.06KB)
  • /strings-07.wav (973.06KB)
  • /strings-08.wav (1.90MB)
  • /strings-01.wav (973.07KB)
  • /strings-02.wav (973.06KB)
  • /strings-03.wav (1.90MB)
  • /strings-04.wav (1.90MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: all (ReCylce ZIP)

  • /bass.rx2 (225.78KB)
  • /guitar-beeps.rx2 (515.88KB)
  • /hi-hat.rx2 (305.86KB)
  • /kick-01.rx2 (253.41KB)
  • /kick-02.rx2 (253.56KB)
  • /kick-03.rx2 (183.95KB)
  • /snare-01.rx2 (282.04KB)
  • /snare-02.rx2 (319.98KB)
  • /snare-03.rx2 (301.80KB)
  • /strings-01.rx2 (444.25KB)
  • /strings-02.rx2 (508.57KB)
  • /strings-03.rx2 (1.02MB)
  • /strings-04.rx2 (1.13MB)
  • /strings-05.rx2 (502.02KB)
  • /strings-06.rx2 (488.98KB)
  • /strings-07.rx2 (564.24KB)
  • /strings-08.rx2 (1.13MB)
  • /tamb-01.rx2 (98.99KB)
  • /tamb-02.rx2 (145.99KB)
  • /tamb-beep.rx2 (596.92KB)
  • /wood-01.rx2 (46.80KB)
  • /wood-02.rx2 (42.69KB)
  • /wood-3.rx2 (82.38KB)
  • /wood-4.rx2 (33.19KB)

"Remember the Name - Loop Packs"
by Fort Minor

2006 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial

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Samples are used in:

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