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fierce love (remix) another fantastic vocal from snowflake. dug the fretless bass out for this one. (updated 14/11/21 - beefed up the... , which had been updated in 2020. i haven't produced many hip-hop tracks and i'm not sure if i want to, but i gave it a go, tryi
there is no reality (half pill) (updated) don't know if this really fits into the lofi category. think it might need some more vinyl soun...
...7oop3d p.s.: now updated with stems! ,media,secret_mixter,remix,mixup,fall_2020,firefly,bpm_090_095,sample,non_commercial,audio,m
c o f f e e & l u l l a b i e s [red]edit: updated individual stems!! i have all the bvs, second voice, adlibs, etc all in a nicely zippe...
shut down the world #tbt to sleeper 2010 style #teehee (updated 4th june with fixed vocal file) ,media,remix,bpm_120_125,multiple_form...
megamix! tdcti updated acapella can be found here : 1 intro remix b one reprise remix ...
...ous upload has been updated. thanks to apoxode for the extra drums to move this along.
...n happened. so i updated it. if you are a donald trump supporter you may wish to go elsewhere. lyrics in a moment. extra
friendly smile (soundphile's unfriendly smile) this is a tune i did over 10 years ago and have just updated. the original has the same...
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...r new single! stay angela thomas
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new updated video intro brisk aquariohd
natural hair: updated wash and go regimen fall 2012 kia williams
collaboration city updated sue clark
grasshoppers_and_wind2.wav alexbird
grasshoppers_and_wind1.wav alexbird
updated arkansas casey
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review of 'there is no reality (half pill) (updated)' by 'malredeszik' :) i like this music thx
review of 'there is no reality (half pill) (updated)' by 'spinningmerkaba' i really like your placement of sounds! a tapestry of lo fi p...
review of 'there is no reality (half pill) (updated)' by 'snowflake' it fits perfectly with this event! uplifting track with its faraway ...
review of 'there is no reality (half pill) (updated)' by 'kara square' very cool. i love that you went lofi with this one. the piano is g...
review of 'boombapbop' by 'darkroom' nice job. i am getting a 70s miles davis kind of vibe but with updated studio quality.
review of 'bad translations' by 'speck' intriguing dark funk. makes me wonder if i could write some updated monster mash type lyrics.
...r me. will keep you updated. wow! wow! !wow!
review of 'slide disorder freakshow' by 'speck' very cool. sounds like an updated dylan. (that go1dfish sample is [url=http://ccmixter...
... like it. love the updated but still laid-back feel, and of course your guitar sounds like it was born to be there all along - real
review of 'ur my cleanup' by 'j.lang' reminds me of an updated version of some david frank and mic murphy aka the system with a touch of...
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...lendar girl .. then updated the software, a stupid asio bug appeared which now prevents the musical project to be loaded due to a ce
srange???... i updated new a remix yesterday (29/06/07). this morning it does not appear in the list of the last remixes. on my perso pag...
don quixote have updated based on feedback [url][/url]
...ipants[/u][/b] ([i]updated as each account is manually created[/i]) [url=]porchcat[
magnatune info updated it's been a [i]very[/i] long time since i've updated the [url=
uploading revisions what's considered the best erm "etiquette"(?) on ccmixter for uploading revisions? should updated versions be uplo...
cc collective dear fellow mixters, something new is coming - i'll try to keep you updated :) cross your fingers for "creative coll...
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...f ccmixter. last updated november 2021.[/url]. the full updated script can be found [url=]here[/url]. if you are offended by parts of th
...yet so this will be updated periodically =) i review the editors picks first, then the newest songs, then work my way backwards from