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Happy New Year 2024 - Afghanistan Track

uploaded: Sun, Dec 17, 2023 @ 8:21 AM last modified: Tue, Jan 2, 2024 @ 4:04 AM  (add)
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Fully updated with some pells and even remixed into a song.
This is a test. I haven’t created samples in a couple of years and I have started a new website based on AI and I’m looking into ways to provide samples and get back into mixing again. The original has been sliced up now.

Glasses clink, resolutions in sync,
Reflecting on the past, in a moment’s blink,
Lessons learned, pages turned, in the year’s brink,
Together standing strong, no missing link.
Celebrating times, watch the fireworks soar,
New beginnings, new dreams, what we all yearn for.

From the mountains to the sea, the evergreens sing,
Celebrating life, what the new year will bring,
In unity and peace, like a bell we ring,
In the melody of time, we’re the real king.

Gather round, feel the warmth of the fire’s glow,
Twenty twenty-four, watch our spirits grow,
In this journey of life, we reap what we sow,
In the symphony of dreams, let the good times flow

Twenty twenty-four, a fresh start, no delay,
In the Washington chill, we rise, no dismay,
New dreams in the air, we’re here to portray,
Fireworks above, lighting up our way.

Lessons of the past, in our minds they stay,
New paths unfold, in the bright light of day,
Single dad, standing tall, leading the fray,
In this dance of life, we all have a say.

Evergreens whisper, under the starlit dome,
In our hearts, we carry them, wherever we roam,
For the future we build, for the love we hone,
In twenty twenty-four, let our unity be shown.

Midnight’s bell, echoes a hopeful song,
Together we stand, united and strong,
With each new step, we all belong,
In this year’s journey, we’re where we belong.

Contents of ZIP Archive: sliced source song

  • /cut up track/01 intro.mp3 (4.99KB)
  • /cut up track/02 hit 01.mp3 (7.64KB)
  • /cut up track/03 hit 02.mp3 (7.59KB)
  • /cut up track/04 hit 03.mp3 (7.41KB)
  • /cut up track/05 hit 04.mp3 (7.41KB)
  • /cut up track/06 hit 05.mp3 (12.84KB)
  • /cut up track/07 music 01.mp3 (42.89KB)
  • /cut up track/08 music 02.mp3 (43.55KB)
  • /cut up track/09 music 03.mp3 (43.03KB)
  • /cut up track/10 music 04.mp3 (42.98KB)
  • /cut up track/11 music 05.mp3 (42.56KB)
  • /cut up track/12 music 06.mp3 (43.45KB)
  • /cut up track/12 music 07.mp3 (43.50KB)
  • /cut up track/13 music 08.mp3 (42.42KB)
  • /cut up track/14 music 09.mp3 (42.28KB)
  • /cut up track/15 music 10.mp3 (42.84KB)
  • /cut up track/16 outro.mp3 (16.01KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stem Split Samples Raw

  • /Coruscate_-_Afghanistan_Track-other.mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /Coruscate_-_Afghanistan_Track-guitar.mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /Coruscate_-_Afghanistan_Track-vocals.mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /Coruscate_-_Afghanistan_Track-piano.mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /Coruscate_-_Afghanistan_Track-drums.mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /Coruscate_-_Afghanistan_Track-bass.mp3 (1.15MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: drum loops

  • /drum loops/00 drum intro.mp3 (42.66KB)
  • /drum loops/01 drum 01 bar.mp3 (48.35KB)
  • /drum loops/02 drum 02 bars.mp3 (94.13KB)
  • /drum loops/03 drum 02 bars.mp3 (94.64KB)
  • /drum loops/04 drum 02 bars.mp3 (96.66KB)
  • /drum loops/05 drum 02 bars.mp3 (94.08KB)
  • /drum loops/06 drum 01 bars.mp3 (48.84KB)
  • /drum loops/07 drum halfbars.mp3 (20.53KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Chopped synth sounds

  • /cut synth/00 synth intro.mp3 (38.84KB)
  • /cut synth/01 synth 01 bar.mp3 (45.33KB)
  • /cut synth/02 synth 02 bars.mp3 (77.44KB)
  • /cut synth/03 synth 02 bars.mp3 (81.19KB)
  • /cut synth/04 synth 02 bars.mp3 (88.13KB)
  • /cut synth/05 synth 02 bars.mp3 (92.55KB)
  • /cut synth/06 synth 01 bars.mp3 (45.09KB)
  • /cut synth/07 synth out bars.mp3 (16.78KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: raps

  • /raps/2768b3a7-df6e-481d-91b8-8554fd6625fb.mp3 (717.35KB)
  • /raps/2768b3a7-df6e-481d-91b8-8554fd6625fb.mp3.sfk (9.03KB)
  • /raps/850ed1cf-f47d-4b8c-abbd-65d64bd7c93a.mp3 (893.14KB)
  • /raps/850ed1cf-f47d-4b8c-abbd-65d64bd7c93a.mp3.sfk (11.23KB)
  • /raps/deb00fa0-722c-43c0-a662-922ac97cbcf7.mp3 (1.20MB)
  • /raps/deb00fa0-722c-43c0-a662-922ac97cbcf7.mp3.sfk (15.43KB)
  • /raps/ea2c2bab-4cec-453b-8c50-9f69b85c0cc6.mp3 (1.80MB)
  • /raps/ea2c2bab-4cec-453b-8c50-9f69b85c0cc6.mp3.sfk (23.04KB)

"Happy New Year 2024 - Afghanistan Track"
by coruscate

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Attribution (3.0)

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