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Fri, Feb 25 1:35 PM DJ Polar Bear review of Philipe's Sandwich by Weird Polymer
Philipe's is such a great restaurant. French Dip Forever!!
Fri, Feb 25 1:31 PM DeBenedictis review of Making Me Nervous by Cezary Ostrowski
I've heard about a zillion remixes of this song, and this is probably the best I...
Fri, Feb 25 11:48 AM DeBenedictis review of Still Different People by fourstones
Hey - I've never heard you sound quite like this before...I like it! It's subtl...
Fri, Feb 25 11:45 AM DeBenedictis review of Girl by Cezary Ostrowski
wow. so gorgeous, I love it. sometimes I wish the vox synched up a little bett...
Fri, Feb 25 9:23 AM Fujimo review of Insubstantial Citadel by Minus Kelvin
now this one i like a lot. pc
Fri, Feb 25 9:04 AM Kyro review of Say by Aamu
I really enjoyed this track. I'm a big fan of the use of industrial sounds with...
Fri, Feb 25 8:56 AM Kyro review of Negativismo by KAFAR
It's neat little beat but I'm not sure why it's tagged 'rap' - is it designed fo...
Fri, Feb 25 8:41 AM Weird Polymer review of Washing A Load by Minus Kelvin
Wish my washing machine was this hip.
Fri, Feb 25 8:35 AM Weird Polymer review of Insubstantial Citadel by Minus Kelvin
I like the sliding textures, sense of movement without being hurried
Fri, Feb 25 8:25 AM Weird Polymer review of Rad-iOn by Fujimo
Not liking to Shave, I like this. Nice blend of textures.
Fri, Feb 25 8:23 AM Weird Polymer review of I've Got the Language by Echolalia
This was fun.
Fri, Feb 25 7:57 AM fourstones review of Destruição em massa by KAFAR
Short but sweet. I love the dirty feel. This is pretty cool.
Fri, Feb 25 6:10 AM Fujimo review of Fight Scene Between Two Movie Stars by Popular Culture Metamorphosis
more please
Fri, Feb 25 6:07 AM Fujimo review of Under? (Outtake) by Popular Culture Metamorphosis
Fri, Feb 25 5:21 AM Cezary Ostrowski review of Fly Dream by teru
dreamy...... good mood.... good job
Fri, Feb 25 3:23 AM cinematrik review of The Same But Different acapella rap by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Yeah this is real cool. I've been working on another remix for the site, but I...
Thu, Feb 24 3:52 PM Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla review of Receding Sand by Weird Polymer
I cant review this piece based on music theory or musicianship, but an old colle...
Thu, Feb 24 2:41 PM VEGO review of Bored on Your Backside by Trifonic
very good! it sounds very profi
Thu, Feb 24 2:35 PM VEGO review of Revolve by cinematrik
royal track
Thu, Feb 24 2:27 PM VEGO review of No Meaning No (Gold Teeth) by wadealin
for me this is the best mix of Chuck D. jazzy, smooth and groovy
Thu, Feb 24 2:21 PM VEGO review of DANGEROUSE by ASHWAN
I like this funky beakbeat, but it's only the loop. Some big change in the secon...
Thu, Feb 24 1:52 PM VEGO review of Making Me Nervous by Cezary Ostrowski
This is winner for me (except my track :-) I don't usually prefer this style of ...
Thu, Feb 24 1:43 PM VEGO review of Busy French Saviour by DJ Tripp
Best mashup. It's funny
Thu, Feb 24 1:42 PM VEGO review of cornelius cuts (rural mix) by sHORT fACED bEAR
This is one of my favourite tracks. I like the contrast between dirty mix of bea...
Thu, Feb 24 1:40 PM DeBenedictis review of The Same But Different (Brilliant Day Boogie Mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
that's how we do it
Thu, Feb 24 1:28 PM shockshadow review of Sub-Volver by Kyro
hehe...i like this alot...it reminds me of the old need for speed racing game mu...
Thu, Feb 24 1:25 PM shockshadow review of I'll Tell You What You Need by Kyro
not really my bag, but it's done very well...breaks and fill ins are positioned ...
Thu, Feb 24 1:17 PM shockshadow review of Wreckless (U53-Mix) by Kyro
Very good use of beat/stab combinations, beat either changes alot or is complex ...
Thu, Feb 24 9:11 AM c.layne review of Sleep Alone by xTheOutsiderx
wow. this is a very chilling take on the original! would be a great soundtrack...
Thu, Feb 24 8:56 AM admin review of Receding Sand by Weird Polymer
Feel free to submit the MIDI files here to this site. Put them in a ZIP and u...