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Reviews left by urmymuse

Sun, Nov 24 2:33 PM urmymuse review of Eye of a Hurricane by Snowflake
Emotional! Love it !
Sun, Nov 24 12:35 PM urmymuse review of Endurance Swirls Impermanence by essesq
Awww thank you thank you ! This is a really lovely use of my swirl track, the s...
Mon, Aug 12 3:48 AM urmymuse review of Trance is... (Ambient Cinematic Trance) by Whitewolf
It does what it says on the tin really good
Mon, Aug 12 3:38 AM urmymuse review of Sadness by mykleanthony
Fabulous Soulful vocals great lyrics + Gurdonark ambient musings = great track
Mon, Aug 12 3:34 AM urmymuse review of Bonne nuit by Bluemillenium
Very lovely mix
Sun, Aug 11 8:53 AM urmymuse review of Blue Luna by shimoda
Great journey through Bluemillenium's soundscapes
Sun, Aug 11 8:38 AM urmymuse review of Skipping Stones by spinningmerkaba
Mixter coincidence :) Awwww lovely thanks v much! When i do my instrumentals ...
Sat, Jun 22 2:21 AM urmymuse review of I Used To Think (ft Kara S) by Ivan Chew
Lovely Ivan :) great feel throughout, ending very good imo
Tue, Jun 11 10:52 AM urmymuse review of Guitars and Bass - Don't Want To Come Back Down by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan - lovely vibes coming through here ... fab
Wed, Jun 5 12:19 PM urmymuse review of Uh-Oh (Dance Remix) by Whitewolf
Liked this alot great use of jacindae's perky vocal
Wed, Jun 5 12:09 PM urmymuse review of Material girl by Stefan Kartenberg
Excellent! you got my wife dancing
Wed, Jun 5 11:15 AM urmymuse review of Be What You Are by 7OOP3D
Another classic !
Wed, Jun 5 11:10 AM urmymuse review of Come Inside by 7OOP3D
Excellent, bounces along lovely
Wed, Jun 5 11:02 AM urmymuse review of Madam Snowflake Speaks by Apoxode
natural, spiritual and free works really well, love it
Mon, Jun 3 12:16 PM urmymuse review of Unify by Snowflake
Lovely sentiments beautifully expressed