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Reviews left by Subliminal

Sun, Mar 22 9:57 PM Subliminal review of Don't Come Around (Please Stop) by Doxent Zsigmond
Everything fits together as if the different parts were originally written for t...
Sun, Mar 22 6:11 AM Subliminal review of The Mysterious Music by Apoxode
A beautiful song to gently float away.
Sun, Mar 22 6:02 AM Subliminal review of Corona Corona by Radioontheshelf
A perfect match of vocals and guitar.
Sat, Feb 29 9:58 PM Subliminal review of KOÄN - Move On (ft. Miper999 & Hektor Thillet) by KOÄN
Drifting along with this song on an early Sunday morning. Nice!
Sat, Feb 29 5:25 AM Subliminal review of Restless Soul by texasradiofish
A top notch production in so many ways.
Fri, Feb 21 10:22 PM Subliminal review of There Ain't No Other Woman Like Me by texasradiofish
Tue, Feb 11 9:48 PM Subliminal review of Song of the Phoenix by Kraftamt
Beautiful and dramatic score to Susan's splendid spoken word piece. My complimen...
Sun, Feb 9 10:27 AM Subliminal review of Song of the Phoenix Vox by SackJo22
I've come across some really good source material to work with these last couple...
Sun, Feb 9 10:23 AM Subliminal review of Song of the Phoenix by SackJo22
The combination of your voice, both the spoken and sung words, and Stefan's back...
Sun, Feb 9 10:13 AM Subliminal review of Rise Up! by Stefan Kartenberg
A top notch production full of energy.
Sat, Feb 8 9:07 PM Subliminal review of Broken by Admiral Bob
I got here via robomusic's Feverishly Broken. What a great song you created. Nic...
Sat, Feb 8 9:00 PM Subliminal review of Feverishly Broken by robomusic
A quality remix. A great arrangement and instrumentation.
Sat, Feb 1 6:24 AM Subliminal review of Drifting by Apoxode
A most beautiful atmospheric laid-back piece. Thanks for including some of my sa...
Thu, Oct 26 10:17 AM Subliminal review of You Are by Scomber
This is bloody great! Is that you doing some impromptu backing vox?
Thu, Oct 26 10:08 AM Subliminal review of Maybe The Rain (Remix) by Robbero
A pretty creative use of a full mix. Thanks for using it.