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Deranged Connection

uploaded: Sat, Apr 4, 2020 @ 11:20 PM last modified: Sat, Apr 4, 2020 @ 11:39 PM  (add)
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This was really fun to do thanks to an extensive and colourful set of audio material from Whitewolf.
We just downloaded all stuff which we could get hold of, turned our brains off to get started.

There was an old base project we had laying around. It contained the pulsating pad from the beginning with a bland straight beat later on, setting the up-tempo feel. It was really rough and raw. Without a plan which direction to take we started to drop in audio from Whitewolfs assets nearly randomly. We also had an alternative approach. It was rather down-tempo and rocked heavy on e-guitar. We later recombined sections into this project here. Our motto: Throw it all to one wall and see what sticks. Further on we recursively iterated over this whole thing over and over: Chop, retune, reposition, repeat. Meanwhile, we sprinkled in some own layers and reinforcements where needed. All in all, we ended up using a great share and genre-opposing audio material from Whitewolf and fused it into this electro-rock-pop ride of ours.

We dig it deep!

Have fun & with luv from Hamburg

Contents of ZIP Archive: Bass

  • /BASS/BASS RL Ducked.flac (2.15MB)
  • /BASS/BASS WW Acou Shrab.flac (3.68MB)
  • /BASS/BASS WW Bonkers Line.flac (6.83MB)
  • /BASS/BASS MSV Massoir.flac (1.71MB)
  • /BASS/BASS WW Shab Line.flac (4.69MB)
  • /BASS/BASS WW Fresh Line.flac (6.68MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Drums 01

  • /DRUMS 1/.DS_Store (6.00KB)
  • /DRUMS 1/DRM WW Acoustic Top.flac (20.45MB)
  • /DRUMS 1/DRM WW DnB Elect Main.flac (20.71MB)
  • /__MACOSX/DRUMS 1/._.DS_Store (120)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Drums 02

  • /DRUMS 2/DRM Snare.flac (9.39MB)
  • /DRUMS 2/.DS_Store (6.00KB)
  • /DRUMS 2/DRM WW DnB Elect Crashes.flac (7.66MB)
  • /DRUMS 2/DRM WW Shizo Adds.flac (8.82MB)
  • /DRUMS 2/DRM WW Shizo Drums.flac (5.27MB)
  • /DRUMS 2/DRM Kick.flac (13.23MB)
  • /__MACOSX/DRUMS 2/._.DS_Store (120)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Drums 03

  • /DRUMS 3/DRM Lazybeat Bits.flac (3.34MB)
  • /DRUMS 3/DRM Woodsperc Shnitz.flac (3.31MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Guitars

  • /GUITS/GIT WW OT Adds.flac (3.13MB)
  • /GUITS/GIT WW Rhythm.flac (5.91MB)
  • /GUITS/GIT WW OT Rev.flac (1.31MB)
  • /GUITS/GIT WW OneTrue.flac (13.43MB)
  • /GUITS/GIT K5 OneTrue Melo.flac (13.42MB)
  • /GUITS/GIT WW Clean Riff.flac (6.80MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Pads 01

  • /PADS 1/PADS WW SynStrings 1.flac (18.68MB)
  • /PADS 1/PADS WW OneTrue.flac (17.71MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Pads 02

  • /PADS 2/PADS JP Bassiter.flac (8.95MB)
  • /PADS 2/PADS RL Pulser.flac (15.21MB)
  • /PADS 2/PADS WW SynStrings 2.flac (6.40MB)
  • /PADS 2/PADS WW Shivers.flac (14.22MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Synths 01

  • /SYN 1/PNO WW OneTrue.flac (20.88MB)
  • /SYN 1/SYN RL Blitchglips.flac (3.30MB)
  • /SYN 1/SYN PIG Porkylogue.flac (12.69MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Synths 02

  • /SYN 2/SYN WW Blapflups.flac (3.46MB)
  • /SYN 2/SYN WW Snap Seq.flac (10.43MB)
  • /SYN 2/SYN WW Arti Twangs.flac (19.54MB)
  • /SYN 2/SYN WW Blubsblob.flac (2.69MB)
  • /SYN 2/SYN WW Shizo Twangs.flac (7.79MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Vocals

  • /VOX/VOX WW DnB Adds.flac (4.85MB)
  • /VOX/VOX CE Adds.flac (3.50MB)

"Deranged Connection"
by 7OOP3D

2020 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Noncommercial Sampling Plus

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Dig the fun and love from Hamburg! 700PD layers, chops, re-tunes, re-positions and fuses Whitewolf’s samples into foot tapping, head bobbing electro-rock-pop adventure. Dig it deep!


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