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SUPERPOWER (feat Siobhan Dakay)

uploaded: Sun, Apr 5, 2020 @ 5:04 AM
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Superpower: A term first used post World War II to define the United States and the Soviet Union. Then over the years as military and financial might strengthened,others were added to the list.

And yet for all of the years of arrogance,aggression and political grandstanding aimed at seperating us as a species,a microscopic dot of genetic material brings Us to our knees.

It flexes it’s SUPERPOWER in stealth and silence fulfilling it’s only purpose.

We ignore the supremacy of the world and its natural existence at our peril,as our social fabric is now destroyed with a sneeze.

And yet we are everyone one of Us a part of and share in its presence,share the core essence of the ultimate SUPERPOWER.

We are not it’s master as now it proves to rule. We can though share knowledge and protect us from the worst effects of it’s evolution and so we should.

But without the respect of this so called enemy and ignorance of ourselves and so in turn of others, we will not win the apparent battle.

This mix represents those ideals. The depth of our emotion, love and concern,the rage that will rise and over power us,the magnificence of nature in all of its glory,the power to march forward and survive,the return to silence and an end, and the children who will witness ours and their own inevitable mistakes in the disrespect of the ultimate and only SUPERPOWER.

‘Are you listening ’ she asks ’ Ok, yes ’ was the hopeful reply.

For all those across the world who carry the pain,loss and uncertainty of these turbulent few opening months of 2020.

"SUPERPOWER (feat Siobhan Dakay)"
by Loveshadow

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