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Ivan Chew (ramblinglibrarian):

Reviews left by Ivan Chew

Sun, Sep 27 10:54 AM Ivan Chew review of A Foolish Rain (Extended Mix) by Whitewolf
I like what you did here :) The part from 5min mark is excellent. And having th...
Tue, Jul 28 8:59 AM Ivan Chew review of Don't You THink That I by mykleanthony
Heck yes, i noticed! Was wondering why the spate of likes. And then i got the no...
Sun, Feb 16 12:30 AM Ivan Chew review of The Wind's Music by Apoxode
Listening to this is a treat!
Sun, Feb 16 12:21 AM Ivan Chew review of Flesh and Bone by narva9
So awesome to see you back! You're one of my early ccM inspiration.
Sun, Feb 16 12:20 AM Ivan Chew review of so much time ... by urmymuse
Very enjoyable stuff.
Sun, Feb 16 12:18 AM Ivan Chew review of MEGAMIX! TDCTI by coruscate
Interesting backstory. Pretty sensitive topic, for sensitive times, I'd imagine.
Sat, Nov 2 7:24 PM Ivan Chew review of I Have No Idea What I'm Doing by Admiral Bob
This is a result from not knowing what you're doing? :)
Sun, Jul 14 2:14 AM Ivan Chew review of Longed for Day (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
Love it. So different from the original arrangement and equally musical sounding...
Mon, Jul 1 1:51 AM Ivan Chew review of Why Can't We (Work It Out) by Speck
This is like Speck going (somewhat) mainstream and yet without losing the Speck-...
Sat, Jun 29 9:48 AM Ivan Chew review of Cheat the Night by Scomber
The opening chords are brilliant. Your song instantly pulled me in.
Sat, Jun 29 9:45 AM Ivan Chew review of Foolish Game - Miss Snowflake - Nickillus remix by Nickillus
Loving the work on the synth piano (?) parts, where it sounds appropriately off...
Sat, Jun 22 3:23 AM Ivan Chew review of Monnaie,industrie by Bluemillenium
A musical story that would fit nicely to a dystopian sci-fi chapter. Lovely.
Sat, Jun 22 3:16 AM Ivan Chew review of Age of A.I. by Carosone
Wow, this is very musical.
Sat, Jun 22 3:09 AM Ivan Chew review of Cosmic Peace by Apoxode
Love the pacing and the mix. The ebbs and flow through varying the dynamics and ...
Tue, Jun 18 9:31 AM Ivan Chew review of ccMixter Intensity by texasradiofish
Dear TRF, is there any music genre that you're not good at? Sincerely, jealous a...