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Reviews left by cinematrik

Sat, Jul 30 1:52 PM cinematrik review of Love Bird (feat. Lisa Debenedictis ) by callmeyang
Great stuff. Really like the feel and production. Lots of great little things ...
Mon, Jul 25 2:08 PM cinematrik review of Cuckoo(asha remix) by asha
Very cool - nice harmonies and great instrumentation. The bridge reminds me of ...
Mon, Jul 25 1:53 PM cinematrik review of It's Flowers In January by Minus Kelvin
I think I like this one even more than your first entry. Bizarre in all the rig...
Mon, Jul 25 1:39 PM cinematrik review of Below (The Belt Mix) by Minus Kelvin
I like it! I dig all the nods to idm in there...the nice high frequency piercing...
Tue, Jun 28 10:25 AM cinematrik review of BELOW LINDA BARKER MIX by ASHWAN
I dig this a lot. It has that great "sloppy" feel to it (i mean that ...
Tue, Jun 28 10:00 AM cinematrik review of SummerBelow-teru-remix by teru
Really good mix! I love the harmonic structure too - it's great to hear everyon...
Mon, Jun 20 7:24 AM cinematrik review of Attractive by Jane His Wife
Dude - This is great. Simply great... BTW, where's daughter Judy?
Sat, Jun 18 9:24 AM cinematrik review of Below ( The Dirty Water Mix ) by J.Lang
Very smooth - I like it!
Wed, Jun 15 11:10 AM cinematrik review of Below and Beyond by shockshadow
This is real good. I love the synths and the feel of it. Very nice work!
Wed, Jun 15 10:59 AM cinematrik review of BelowLambourgino-teru-remix by teru
Very nice. I love the funkiness of it mixed with the chilled vibes.
Wed, Mar 2 7:57 AM cinematrik review of dislocation by SLLID
I forgot to review this before but I really like this mix. Great stuff. Lots o...
Fri, Feb 25 3:23 AM cinematrik review of The Same But Different acapella rap by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Yeah this is real cool. I've been working on another remix for the site, but I...
Tue, Feb 15 5:38 AM cinematrik review of Tour de Mixter by fourstones
So I finally had a chance to sit a listen to some of you stuff -- and it's reall...
Tue, Feb 15 4:13 AM cinematrik review of Bored on Your Backside by Trifonic
Very nice production. This is really good stuff.
Tue, Feb 15 4:11 AM cinematrik review of I Unknitted It Broken by Minus Kelvin
I really like the way you've done this one. It really appeals to my warp record...