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Sun, Apr 6 5:07 PM cinematrik review of Identity of Self (Andrew MAze mix) by Andrew Maze
Wow man - this is incredibly cool! Love the sped up tempo and breaks feel, the ...
Wed, May 30 8:27 AM cinematrik review of Colors Shifting (electricwest remix) by Electricwest (pat benolkin)
I know I'm late to the party on this one - but bravo - great production and a gr...
Thu, Mar 8 7:47 PM cinematrik review of My Ocean (whatever coffeehouse mix) by plurgid
I really like this track - it has a great feel to it! I'm a sucker for nicely d...
Fri, Jul 7 9:37 AM cinematrik review of NOKturne remaining by tazzista
I dig it, it's got a nice flow to it.
Mon, May 15 10:16 AM cinematrik review of Nebula Dub by _ghost
Very nice - sets a nice mood.
Tue, Apr 25 10:18 AM cinematrik review of Metro Muse by PorchCat
Good work - I like the combo of samples and the way you tweaked them - creates a...
Fri, Apr 14 12:46 PM cinematrik review of beware - closing doors by penston
This is a real nice remix using the sample packs - I really dig it! Tim
Fri, Apr 14 12:40 PM cinematrik review of Whatever Asee Mix by hezekiah
This has a very nice smooth vibe to it. I like!
Tue, Apr 11 6:27 PM cinematrik review of Remember the Name (Rupert1073) by rupert1073
I really like the concept, I just had a hard time with the vocal treatment. The...
Mon, Apr 3 11:45 PM cinematrik review of Forgettin My Identity by Jane His Wife
Very nice and smooth - a tad more chill than the original! I agree with teru th...
Tue, Mar 7 4:06 PM cinematrik review of The Next Step by Trifonic
I dig it ya'll...sounds great! Tim
Wed, Jan 18 6:07 PM cinematrik review of Lullaby by _ghost
This has got a great vibe to it - everything fits and sounds great together - 5 ...
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