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by shockshadow
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Wed, Sep 7, 2005 @ 9:34 AM

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permalink   Wed, Sep 7, 2005 @ 8:37 AM
this sounds pro! I really dig the soundscape created by the tones of the piano and background. the percussion is kind of harsh in timbre and amplitude in comparison to perhaps what i personally would expect, given the intro.. but it is not overly distracting after the first few bars. the second ‘movement’ is rocking! a swell exercise in intensity
permalink   shockshadow Wed, Sep 7, 2005 @ 9:18 AM
i’m glad y’all like it. thank u all for the kind comments. : ))
permalink   Wed, Sep 7, 2005 @ 2:58 PM
Wow. This is awesome. How about a “How I did it”? (new feature at ccMixterII in edit mode, in case you haven’t spotted it yet). Specifically, what is your mastering process? How do you get your music to sound this good? Secretly I’ve been waiting for you to upload to Mixter 2 so I could ask you that. ; )
permalink   shockshadow Wed, Sep 7, 2005 @ 3:38 PM
hehe..thank u hepepe and teru. really glad u liked it. i will put together a little how-i-did-it thing either tonight or tomorrow morning and post it. : )
permalink   teru Thu, Sep 8, 2005 @ 5:39 AM
“Hope this is helpful to someone! : )”

Great “How I did it” piece.

Incredibly helpful for me. I hope others appreciate you sharing your techniques with everyone as much as I do. Thanks for sharing Shockshadow. Mmm salty fries. : )
permalink   Thu, Sep 8, 2005 @ 6:00 AM
Brilliant HowIDidIt, brilliant track.

thanks for both.
permalink   shockshadow Thu, Sep 8, 2005 @ 6:34 AM
Thanks guys, my pleasure. I’ll start including one of those for all my future submittals. : ))
permalink   Thu, Oct 6, 2005 @ 12:43 PM
i love every thing you got man…
permalink   cdk Thu, Oct 6, 2005 @ 12:45 PM
sweet mix man…
permalink   Wed, Sep 7, 2005 @ 7:45 AM
I have this bias for long tracks that they must be repetative and dull. So, listening to a song that’s over 7 min. is something I rarely do.

I’m glad I did. At the point where my mixes usually stop, this one morphs into something totally cool. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that the parts are quite different, and the tempo is the only common thing. The ending is great, pulling it all back together again.
permalink   Wed, Sep 7, 2005 @ 7:47 AM
Budapest BluesBoy
permalink   Wed, Sep 7, 2005 @ 11:53 AM
Double Five. I’m out of wordz.
Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
permalink   Thu, Sep 8, 2005 @ 6:40 PM
First of all, superbly conceived track - sonically excellent and emotionally complex. And the HowIDidIt is the best I’ve seen…so lucid, detailed, and helpful…I think we will soon start hearing people using the techniques you described because you described them so well…one could almost start at the top building their own song and just follow the steps down…thanks….. .. .
permalink   Sun, Sep 11, 2005 @ 6:33 AM
I always like the mood and the sonic trip that your tracks have, Dark Star is still on my streaming playlist btw.

I totally dig this one, almost like a souped up ” enigma ” song. Beautiful …