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Reviews left by ASHWAN

Sun, Nov 15 6:28 AM ASHWAN review of Cracker by Quarkstar
amazing work! I just listened to 'Below' too...thank you, I'm really honoured th...
Mon, Nov 17 9:32 AM ASHWAN review of Tiramisu Soup by Briareus
Sun, Nov 16 3:22 PM ASHWAN review of Rats Are Back (Dunky Different) by 7OOP3D
Pat Chilla was always one of my favourite mixters. He always had GREAT sounds. C...
Sun, Nov 16 3:12 PM ASHWAN review of Intergalactic Bliss (Trance Mix) by KCentric
I can close my eyes and clearly see the video for this one! Great work as alway...
Sun, Nov 16 2:42 PM ASHWAN review of My Audio Wake Up by teru
I'm like a kid at christmas listening to this! DAYUM! Thanks just mad...
Thu, Jul 10 11:09 AM ASHWAN review of Skyline Mix by Lasswell
i was thinking of remixing this cut...i put the accapella on and no offence to S...
Thu, Jul 5 10:10 AM ASHWAN review of Madrugada - cdk mix by cdk
ok, I know I have not heard everything you have done here, but this is by far th...
Tue, May 15 2:14 PM ASHWAN review of from the BX Remix FORENSIC STYLE by FORENSIC
Sat, May 5 6:41 PM ASHWAN review of So Many Stars by Luke Tripp
WOW, that stretched guitar works really weel. it is beautiful. i love it all. th...
Sun, Apr 15 2:49 PM ASHWAN review of Fonik Phiktion (FF OS remix) by FGrn Grn
HOT! Art Of Noise wish they made this.
Sun, Apr 15 2:42 PM ASHWAN review of "Hip-Hop" by cdk
nice, feelin the bass on this.
Sun, Apr 15 2:33 PM ASHWAN review of Kill-Kill-Kill(stefsax) by stefsax
would love to just hear the instrumental version of this...might be worth submit...
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