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Reviews left by cdk

Wed, Jan 10 2:24 PM cdk review of Enough Said by Rataxes
almost 10 minutes
Wed, Feb 15 5:17 PM cdk review of Sad End Game (Andy's Dandy Mix) by Andrew Wainwright
very nice.
Tue, Feb 7 6:04 PM cdk review of Who We Are by Hans Atom
very cool, i'm inspired
Wed, Jan 11 4:33 PM cdk review of Late Night Dreams by J.Lang
damn.... how far we have all come.
Wed, Jan 11 4:30 PM cdk review of All Of Me(A Late Night Dream Mix) by Alex
i love your music man.
Wed, Jan 11 4:27 PM cdk review of gather round by mr_kris_and_his_skypilots
the beat is awesome, way too loud though. causes distortion. but man, that beat.
Tue, Jan 10 3:09 PM cdk review of Money To Burn by Alex
not sure how i missed this, this is great.
Fri, Dec 9 3:30 PM cdk review of So High by reiswerk
that was great dude, the music really fits the verses.
Mon, Oct 31 3:56 PM cdk review of Rise (Remix) by Robbero
Very nice, Thank you.
Mon, May 9 5:36 PM cdk review of Again, Once Again by fluffy
thanks for this - sharing! love the ending the most. such a cool outro
Fri, Nov 27 7:45 PM cdk review of One Step (Triphop mix) by CSoul
this sample is remarkably close to Isaac Hayes "Walk On By"one of my personal fa...
Sun, Nov 15 12:54 PM cdk review of oneStepBack by airtone
thank you for this. talk about a trip down memory lane, u used "the Beat" kudos ...
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