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Sun, May 28 3:01 PM Z-ROX review of Noite de Carnaval Mix Salad by macau digital
...interesting and refreshing experimental salad.
Sun, May 28 2:49 PM Z-ROX review of Insane Dad by Minus Kelvin
Dig the vocal treatment. Cool track.
Sun, May 21 3:59 PM Z-ROX review of Sussuarana Lo-Fi Adventures by LAVOURA ELETRO
Love the beat, love that urban feel.
Sat, May 13 11:56 AM Z-ROX review of Yage Camera - Travelin'Mix by Audio Morphology
I have listened to this track a few times now. Nice, I dig this sonic picture...
Sat, May 13 11:52 AM Z-ROX review of My Name is teru and I'll be Your Tour Guide Today by teru
A wonderful journey, simply wonderful.
Sun, Apr 23 6:54 PM Z-ROX review of State of Everyday Madness - Monobass Remix by teru
I wasn't too sure until the bass hit . ..This is a simple but brilliant track. W...
Sat, Apr 22 12:01 PM Z-ROX review of State of Everyday Madness (lost remix) by shockshadow
Very nice remix, shock. Reminds me a bit of Dido, XTC ( track: dear God ) A ...
Sat, Apr 22 10:56 AM Z-ROX review of I Know that I am Secretly Dying (featuring MelissaK and LeftOver Brass) by gurdonark
everything in place. I enjoy it. ... Gurd, where is da good old noize ??!!?? ...
Sat, Apr 22 10:49 AM Z-ROX review of Fade Out - remix by teru
...relaxing. Nice track.
Tue, Apr 18 10:49 AM Z-ROX review of Missing You (Originally by ShockShadow) by tacet
Sat, Apr 1 10:42 AM Z-ROX review of dislocation by SLLID
This is a coool track , I like .
Sat, Mar 4 4:09 PM Z-ROX review of In the Waiting Room (during Cancer Surgery) by gurdonark
I agree. This track is very visual , and I like. Nice one , Gurd.
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