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Sun, Aug 7 3:25 AM Z-ROX review of material girl-DU-remix by deutscheunschuld
I am not much of a brass man, but the synth riff in the background totally does ...
Sun, Aug 7 2:55 AM Z-ROX review of Cuckoo (Uncappella Project) by Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
simply refreshing to listen to.
Sat, Aug 6 6:46 AM Z-ROX review of Sex in the Bathroom by dreamfilter
Damn dude .... regarding the verb, you must have a big freekin' bathroom ! ...
Sat, Aug 6 6:36 AM Z-ROX review of below reverse by _ghost
....trying to figure out what part of the music is in reverse OK I got it, a...
Sat, Aug 6 6:30 AM Z-ROX review of Stranger From Below by Trifonic
I can see this track being some action game soundtrack. Dig the vox treament...
Sat, Aug 6 6:13 AM Z-ROX review of Unaffected (Below Sleepless Mix) by OakHonour
My fav moment is at 1:46.
Sat, Aug 6 6:06 AM Z-ROX review of Sound From Our Souls by Minus Kelvin
I enjoy this one as much as " flowers in January ". Everytime I p...
Mon, Aug 1 7:31 PM Z-ROX review of Cuckoo (Funk Chaos Remix) by Brad Reiss
This track is fun and crazy ... :D
Mon, Aug 1 7:12 PM Z-ROX review of Below the Summer After by LM5
Sweet tune, I dig that retro 70ish vibe. The only things distracting are th...
Mon, Aug 1 7:00 PM Z-ROX review of adulteration by thebtls
nice minimal track, good surprise at 2. 08 sec when the harmony kicks in. I...
Mon, Aug 1 6:47 PM Z-ROX review of Antistar Language by
I like but too short :D
Mon, Aug 1 6:43 PM Z-ROX review of Bad Attraction-teru-remix by teru
Love the feel. Dig the way that funkiness rocking it on the squarish drums. ...
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