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Reviews left by zikweb

Sun, Jun 5 7:55 AM zikweb review of Toi encore (encore) by sparky
Sparky, thanks a lot for your creative and so inspiring mix. It was in 2005 ...
Wed, Dec 15 1:57 AM zikweb review of Under the Stars by Snowflake
So soothing. Thank you for this peacefull moment.
Sun, Jul 18 2:17 AM zikweb review of Desolate Transition by cube3
Thank you Sjef....flawless mix
Sun, Apr 18 1:16 AM zikweb review of blackSnow by airtone
So sweet track. Thanks for sharing.
Sun, Mar 11 1:06 AM zikweb review of Unbury Your Heart by Siobhan Dakay
Excellent !
Sun, Aug 24 11:12 PM zikweb review of The Dancers by onlymeith
Sounds like a Laurie Anderson track. I love it!
Fri, Jul 25 2:34 PM zikweb review of The Long Goodbye by John Pazdan
Very Nice! in between Steve Reich and Sakamoto, I love this track!
Sun, Jan 14 4:22 AM zikweb review of Mega Colaboration - Welcome to Mixter by cdk
Cool! 19 composers working on one track... thanks for having finalized the co...
Sat, Dec 23 5:41 AM zikweb review of Minnesota by gurdonark
sooooooooo cool. thank you
Fri, Dec 15 3:03 AM zikweb review of Gymnopedie 3 (Satie) by gurdonark
One of my favorite composer remixed in an ambient way... well done!
Sun, Nov 26 4:05 PM zikweb review of Thoughtwander by gurdonark
This one is running in loop since a while. It's so fresh an though inspiring... ...
Sat, Apr 22 4:19 AM zikweb review of Mountains of Spices by gurdonark
Thank you for your remix. I love it. I posted the link to this page on zikweb.o...
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