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uploaded: Sat, Dec 23, 2006 @ 12:52 AM
FeaturingVerian Thomas and Wandering Ear Artists
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In addition to Mr. Willits’ excellent samples, this piece contains each of the following:

A. A sample from my own “The Yearling Doe Nearby”, which is released CC on

B. A sample from my song “Forgotten Fields”, which will appear on my very soon upcoming EP “Tallgrass Canticle” at http://www.negativesoundins... and is CC. “Forgotten Fields” is in turn a cover of Verian Thomas’ song “Forgotten”, which was released CC at http://www.negativesoundins... on his album “Down”.

C. the closing solo is A sample from Verian Thomas song “Somewhere Somewhen”, which appears on his EP “Miniatures”, which has been released this week CC on http://www.negativesoundins...

D. The field recordings are by two artists: Michele Nagai (‘birdsong in st. paul, dawn’ and ‘overlook on lake superior’) and Jonathan Zorn (‘the duck cycle’). These two artists contributed field recordings to “Thaw—Field Recordings from Minnesota”, which was released CC by field recording netlabel Wandering Ear. Great field recording samples at

The accompanying drone to the vocal track is Mr. Willit’s excellent guitar sample, given a rather gurdonarkian treatment.

I am grateful to the listed artists for their wonderful samples.

by gurdonark

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