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Mon, Jun 24 11:58 AM wildbillvernon review of Diffused by Hans Atom
i like your tune man, had fun jamming to it, I did another similar treatment (so...
Sun, Jun 23 10:09 AM wildbillvernon review of Incantantrice by Hans Atom
It does have a feel of Evanessence. Jacindas voice goes good with this. Great!
Sun, Jun 23 9:41 AM wildbillvernon review of Autobiography by unreal_dm
I like this version, quite different from Steves or Hans Atom. good job
Sun, Jun 23 9:36 AM wildbillvernon review of Is Anybody Listening? by ScOmBer
Excellent! Dripmanilla and Hans Atom go great together. I like your mix
Sat, May 11 9:51 PM wildbillvernon review of Nostalgie Air by innabar
nice pella, I may have twisted you a little but it sounds great
Sat, May 11 9:42 PM wildbillvernon review of Slippershell by kristin hersh
This was great, thanx I hope you like what I did with it
Fri, Apr 26 11:29 AM wildbillvernon review of Where You Are Now by unreal_dm
UNREAL! unreal_dm, really like this mix, played the pella first so this came as ...
Fri, Apr 26 11:17 AM wildbillvernon review of things you do for love by AIR_LOMEG
trippy, i love it
Fri, Apr 26 11:11 AM wildbillvernon review of Your Love Is Like a Hurricane by copperhead
Awesome mix man, the instruments really accent her voice, nice guitar work.
Fri, Apr 26 10:09 AM wildbillvernon review of All The Arks Are Full by Zep Hurme
I listened to the pella first and didn't expent this tune. Great job!
Sun, Apr 21 2:31 PM wildbillvernon review of Girlfriend on the verge of total breakdown by Sturzstrom
Cool use of Brad Sucks vocals, sounds great together. I hadn't heard this pella ...
Sun, Apr 21 10:01 AM wildbillvernon review of I'm Feelin U (Kirkoid Remix) by Kirkoid
I agree with CSoul
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