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Reviews left by economix

Fri, Dec 23 11:04 PM economix review of Come This Way by iluffchinchillas
Fabulous! I clock this at 138bpm. LYRICS (as I hear them) I don't know how to sa...
Sat, Jun 10 10:09 PM economix review of Dadaism by Vidian
AWESOME Lovely use of vocal fragments! Thanks for the upload.
Fri, May 12 11:41 PM economix review of Myxtery by Pitx
dancers using this on
Sat, Apr 1 7:55 PM economix review of Straight to the Light by Snowflake
[F] Has anybody [C] seen a cover version? [Am] It seems incomplete [F] without t...
Sun, Aug 2 4:54 PM economix review of Better With Butter by Speck
Amazing job, well done.
Fri, May 29 9:21 AM economix review of Winding Into Gone by Orrisroot
Superb vocals, thankyou
Thu, Aug 7 12:19 AM economix review of ATM by stellarartwars
Bravo StellaArtWars. I like the tension building in the verse and I love the rel...
Tue, Sep 3 7:34 AM economix review of Turning Into Normal (What Once Felt Strange) by SackJo22
Superb. I was concerned that the policy change to default license would impact c...
Sun, Nov 25 5:12 AM economix review of Creative Compliance Ft. SackJo22, Copperhead, Klaus Neumaier, Economix, TheOD and KungFu, Morusque by coruscate
I am blushing to think anybody heard the sample, let alone remix. Nice slant on ...
Sat, Sep 8 7:41 AM economix review of I ride the other way by shalpin
Peddling the alternatives. I like the end variants that drown my vocals but soun...
Thu, Aug 16 5:47 AM economix review of Wonder by shalpin
Lovely Shaplin, you drew me in. I posted fan lyrics on the acapella reviews.
Thu, Aug 16 5:42 AM economix review of I Wonder by narva9
Your voice touches me. Here are the lyrics as I hear them: I left you in the for...
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