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Economix wrote these words about drugs and stuff, I’ve put a basic melody and some crude guitar to it

Be your luncheon wet or dry
the road taken low or high
and your old man’s an ATM, or
down to the last coin
sure it’s all the same old racquet
the ice heads are a crack up
floatation toy or savior
some crutch will crave the flavour
there’s a bear trap in the pudding
start chewing off your arm

We know she’s an addict
and though you love her dearly
there’s another aspect
I think you should explore
How well do you know her?
her stars are under shadow
though she promise you the planet
There’s something she loves more

Shady corners, taking hints
dreamy dark illicit prince
giddy introspection
go track mark collecting
with hangover and stains
denial she’s ignoring
scratch and sniff subliminal
addiction is quite boring
her wagon band is criminal
with treason at the reins
Play ATM

by stellarartwars

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