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Reviews left by annabloom

Mon, Sep 16 5:35 PM annabloom review of GEZ noch? Genug GEZahlt! (Prod. by Robbero) by Robbero
Coll mix, thanks for including me
Fri, Aug 9 5:20 PM annabloom review of Adagio (Sonata No. 4 for Flute by G.F. Handel) by Javolenus
very inspirational
Wed, Aug 7 8:40 AM annabloom review of Orlando (Switched-On Werckmeister III) by duckett
that's a cool mix indeed
Fri, Jul 26 3:59 PM annabloom review of Don't Try Too hard by Speck
coll and calm - reminds somehow of sixties European SF soundtrack (e.g. search o...
Fri, Jul 26 3:33 PM annabloom review of Identify by Watzmann
yes, a cool mix - probably what i had in mind when i did my version of the pell
Wed, Jul 17 4:45 PM annabloom review of A Little Of The Type Of Music by Speck
ahh, doubly honoured to be part in this mix - it's like a scene from Naked Lunch...
Sun, Jul 14 6:17 PM annabloom review of nithen naidoo (ft. kid pixel) - upgrade by nithen
short, definitely sweet - which is to so a cool mix that could be longer
Fri, Jul 5 4:37 PM annabloom review of E minor flow by My Free Mickey
, and thanks for the midi
Thu, Jul 4 5:41 PM annabloom review of Why Couldn't We Pray For It To happen by Speck
fascinating mood and moodiness
Fri, Jun 28 5:58 PM annabloom review of Never Did Nothin' To Write A Song About by Speck
truly outstanding - and another vocal performance to use
Fri, Jun 28 5:50 PM annabloom review of Plucky Upright by Speck
it starts very european avantgardistical (well Stockhausen is nowadays probably ...
Sat, Jun 8 7:09 PM annabloom review of The Bout of Bass and Ukulele by Kara Square
great, and thanks for that
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