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Reviews left by annabloom

Sat, Jun 1 5:55 PM annabloom review of What Fantasy Don't You by Speck
as always, an enjoyment and a surprise
Sat, Jun 1 5:52 PM annabloom review of Human race by TheDICE
very much enjoyed - if it's weird then in a very good way
Wed, May 29 12:32 PM annabloom review of Panu Lost by Shelflife
minimalist style put to maximum effect
Tue, May 21 4:23 PM annabloom review of Sensitive by TheDICE
well done, well arranged; i personally prefer the more minimalist transparent ar...
Tue, May 21 4:19 PM annabloom review of Submarine Brain Storms by Wired Ant
nautilus' reaktor
Mon, May 20 3:03 AM annabloom review of Human Race by texasradiofish
sonic whiskey in the morning
Mon, May 20 2:56 AM annabloom review of Confirmation by Mr_Yesterday by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
cool calm and collected
Mon, May 20 2:43 AM annabloom review of Chrysalis Reversed by robomusic
almost missed it, great track. thanks for including me
Tue, Apr 30 12:42 PM annabloom review of Organic Dome Brush by Speck
jazz i like (and that's from someone who is not too keen on jazz) - cool mix
Tue, Apr 30 8:22 AM annabloom review of The Dream West by Mr_Yesterday - Take 3 by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
third corner of a perfect triangle
Tue, Apr 30 8:16 AM annabloom review of I As We by Speck
I see a wee mix that's pretty awesome
Tue, Apr 30 8:11 AM annabloom review of AmImy by Speck
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