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Reviews left by annabloom

Tue, Apr 30 8:04 AM annabloom review of The Dream West by Mr_Yesterday - Take 2 by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
further to my comment on take 1: that 2
Tue, Apr 30 8:01 AM annabloom review of The Dream West by Mr_Yesterday - Take 1 by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
to put speck's comment up one notch: extremely cool
Mon, Apr 29 4:57 PM annabloom review of Who's The Man (Ft Kara Square) by Quarkstar
now, that's a mighty nifty mix
Mon, Apr 29 4:29 PM annabloom review of Rite Dancers on the Edge by Wired Ant
great mix with a special retro feel (well, 90s, but that seems like ages ago)
Thu, Apr 25 9:37 AM annabloom review of The Circus of Love by Shelflife
lost for words right now, so -and that's the only reason- i simply say: a most w...
Mon, Apr 22 5:38 PM annabloom review of Yeah Ant by Speck
great work with great drums and ambient feely - but not too 'feely'
Mon, Apr 22 5:28 PM annabloom review of Au-to-ma-tic by Wired Ant
mei do geid wos - how to translate? really great loop
Thu, Apr 11 4:45 PM annabloom review of King Richard's Blues (Same Old Scar) by Mr_Yesterday
blue as the grey sky
Thu, Apr 11 4:42 PM annabloom review of Jav Jazz by Shelflife
gritty great
Wed, Apr 10 3:53 PM annabloom review of Suburban Family by Robbero
now that's great stuff, brings me right back to my clubbing time. thanks a lot f...
Fri, Apr 5 12:55 PM annabloom review of Lennon's Singing Help by Cires78
well done, and welcome to ccMixter
Wed, Apr 3 4:34 PM annabloom review of Jazzy eve of heavy seas by Wired Ant
missed that, almost, only almost. well done mix. fei guat gmocht
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