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Reviews left by annabloom

Sun, Dec 9 3:58 PM annabloom review of When I Had a Little Faith by Super_Sigil
and doubly honoured - artful wobbles here, very well done
Sun, Dec 9 3:53 PM annabloom review of Good Glory by Super_Sigil
cool relaxed synth groove swing - double and bonus
Sun, Dec 9 3:51 PM annabloom review of Finger Free Opera Machine by Super_Sigil
great fun indeed and powerful - thanks for including me
Sun, Dec 9 3:49 PM annabloom review of Sing Sing Singing Jingle Bells by Speck
makes me smile and like christmas music again. a welcome distraction from the st...
Wed, Dec 5 2:03 PM annabloom review of Gaudete (E.SoX ft. Javolenus) by E_SoX
cool track - med step
Tue, Dec 4 4:24 PM annabloom review of A Box In The Attic (December Contrails) by duckett
a very atmospheric sound collage, like it a lot
Mon, Dec 3 2:10 PM annabloom review of Goodbye Jon Lord by Wired Ant
well done. i still remember when my uncle introduced me to DP -himself a huge he...
Mon, Dec 3 1:54 PM annabloom review of Please donĀ“t leave! by Wired Ant
i'll stay
Mon, Dec 3 1:53 PM annabloom review of Gaudete by texasradiofish
brilliant. that shall sneak it's way into the xmas collection
Sun, Dec 2 3:46 PM annabloom review of Melting Into Silver Snow by Speck
melting ... another great sound image to enjoy
Wed, Nov 28 4:23 PM annabloom review of Dark Age Hero by Wired Ant
a modern evocation of old words, fresh and shiny dark
Sat, Nov 17 8:05 AM annabloom review of Shut Me Down (Undulate Mix) by Joel Frijters
like speck here, just much later... how come i missed that? well, i'm glad i did...
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