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Reviews left by annabloom

Fri, Mar 29 5:22 PM annabloom review of Folkwave by Skill_Borrower
yep, very atmospheric triphop trance - glad i could help out with a few samples
Tue, Mar 19 7:39 AM annabloom review of Choices by Speck
an excellent choice, which is to say i like it a lot, the rhythm, the mix, the l...
Sun, Mar 17 7:23 PM annabloom review of 12 String by Skill_Borrower
ambient river - with all the bends and bays
Sun, Mar 17 7:21 PM annabloom review of If You Ever by Skill_Borrower
cool track - and sounds in tune (but perhaps because i use headphones)
Fri, Mar 15 5:21 PM annabloom review of California Drinking Song by oberonskye
just fabulous
Wed, Mar 6 2:21 PM annabloom review of Wer is da (jungle book dance) by Wired Ant
doh is scho wer wai des is wos
Wed, Mar 6 2:17 PM annabloom review of Disharmonious Blues by Speck
harmony is relative - but this is a great mix, absolutely
Wed, Mar 6 2:03 PM annabloom review of Ain't Gonna Ask You by Skill_Borrower
you don't need to borrow any skills, you got plenty yourself. thanks for includi...
Wed, Mar 6 1:58 PM annabloom review of Melody's Motion by Speck
a catchy song with a 21st century's 70s feel from that alt.road movie
Wed, Mar 6 1:52 PM annabloom review of When I Walk With You (ft. ZoeBee) by Quarkstar
great mix, intriguing and beautiful. also very much enjoyed reading the 'how i d...
Thu, Feb 28 4:21 PM annabloom review of Blue Stilettos by Syenta
cool calm and collected
Thu, Feb 28 4:19 PM annabloom review of A New Place and To The Max by IDzeroNo
a beautifully painted sound collage
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