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New Earth Euphoria

uploaded: Wed, Nov 13, 2013 @ 2:54 AM last modified: Wed, Nov 13, 2013 @ 2:55 AM  (add)
Featuringleinadsorihcak, smilingcynic, snowflake, Adisa McKensie
Recommends (23)
leinadsorihcak - percussion
smilingcynic - bass and piano
snowflake - vocals
Adisa McKensie - vocals
Speck - sandpaper, empty spray paint cans, synth and sampler(garbled vocals) (uploaded in .zip)

Contents of ZIP Archive: sandpaper,spraycans,synth

  • /sampler voc 09a.wav (1.44MB)
  • /sandpaper 01a.wav (612.11KB)
  • /sandpaper 02a.wav (1,013.45KB)
  • /sandpaper 02b.wav (522.14KB)
  • /sandpaper 03a.wav (879.76KB)
  • /sandpaper 04a.wav (527.91KB)
  • /spray paint can 01a DR0000_0149.wav (257.06KB)
  • /spray paint can 04a.wav (335.47KB)
  • /spray paint can 05a.wav (196.16KB)
  • /spray paint can 06a.wav (206.22KB)
  • /spray paint can 08a.wav (313.15KB)
  • /spray paint can 09a.wav (309.37KB)
  • /synth 01b malstrom feelsee feedback.wav (912.14KB)
  • /synth 01c malstrom feelsee feedback.wav (592.12KB)
  • /synth 01d malstrom feelsee feedback.wav (432.12KB)
  • /synth 02b malstrom plastic pipe.wav (320.12KB)
  • /synth 02c malstrom plastic pipe.wav (352.12KB)
  • /synth 03b malstrom resonant bells.wav (416.12KB)
  • /synth 03c malstrom resonant bells.wav (640.12KB)
  • /synth 03d malstrom resonant bells.wav (544.12KB)
  • /synth 03e malstrom resonant bells.wav (1.03MB)
  • /synth 03f malstrom resonant bells.wav (269.67KB)
  • /synth 03g malstrom resonant bells.wav (539.21KB)

"New Earth Euphoria"
by Speck

2013 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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