Deep Roots Remix Event
Wed, Feb 20 12:00 PM Features :: download stats
I know what you mean. However, there is the dig thing they have. I've seen tra...
Sun, Jan 13 11:48 AM Pluggy Plugs :: New Jaspertine Album, Free to download.
would be nice to remix all those stems ;)
Sun, Dec 2 9:54 AM The Big OT :: Confessions of an Editor
I think you guys do a great job. I don't expect anything different really. The...
Sun, Nov 18 3:13 PM Help :: Any suggestions on types of music.
Anything goes. Make what you want to make. I see no reason why you can't do mu...
Tue, Nov 13 2:08 PM Pluggy Plugs :: Gurdonark on Music Manumit
Unobtrusive and fun!
Mon, Nov 12 9:38 AM Announcements :: Congrats to Speck...
Thanks for the post duckett, and congrats to speck.
Mon, May 21 1:31 AM Help :: Looking for interviews with ccmixter artists
I'm open to it.
Mon, May 14 3:08 AM Features :: Music used in games and apps
Yeah, I can agree with you here, especially considering the license. However, I...
Sun, May 13 5:02 AM Features :: Music used in games and apps
lol! what are ya gonna do?
Sun, May 13 5:01 AM Features :: Music used in games and apps
Yeah, you could add that option, or just an "Other" or "Misc" one. Most people ...
Sun, Mar 25 3:02 AM Parts Wanted :: Remixing Video?
I really like this idea, and have been looking into programs. Really would like...
Thu, Mar 22 6:56 AM Announcements :: Ghost Kollective 61 Moons Remix Event!
I did a remix, but didn't think to check for the special upload process. Can yo...
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