Reviews left by Super_Sigil

Sun, Feb 17 12:18 PM Super_Sigil review of Ee$emtel by morgantj
always like your tracks. nice to be in one.
Wed, Feb 6 12:16 PM Super_Sigil review of torturebeat by nekrosdahna
i wish you would upload all the individual tracks.
Sat, Dec 22 1:42 PM Super_Sigil review of The Same Light Shines by SackJo22
Yeah! Still alive, still jammin'! Beautiful and touching song. Impeccable pro...
Sun, Dec 16 10:27 AM Super_Sigil review of Winterberries by Speck
urban winter nostalgia. reminds me of colab. beautiful track.
Sun, Dec 16 10:23 AM Super_Sigil review of Lay Your Body Next to Mine by texasradiofish
Great production and patchwork of samples fish! Gorgeous!
Sun, Dec 16 10:20 AM Super_Sigil review of Jovian Steroid Jaws by Wired Ant
fat rockin' fun! thanks for the great samples!
Wed, Dec 12 10:51 AM Super_Sigil review of Time Drums by William Berry
I like the idea about the two separate pages. I think you can just browse sampl...
Tue, Dec 11 3:41 PM Super_Sigil review of Amanita Muscaria by Jeris
Nice tune. I've read a lot about the santa connection here. Very interesting. ...
Sun, Dec 9 4:56 PM Super_Sigil review of Dispair at Christmas in KimbleĀ“s Eastern Exile by Wired Ant
Nice melodic tune. Thanks for the samples.
Sat, Dec 8 4:08 PM Super_Sigil review of Heaven In Their Eyes by Javolenus
really liking this. thanks for the samples.
Sat, Dec 8 11:32 AM Super_Sigil review of Could Be by CSoul
Great work my friend! love the nuanced strings and keys and the mellow bass and ...
Wed, Dec 5 11:53 AM Super_Sigil review of Sing Sing Singing Jingle Bells by Speck
I'm envisioning your avatar conducting a sort of daycare ensemble. Quite charmi...
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