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Mon, Dec 26 6:14 AM RizKeyG review of On the Couch by Admiral Bob
Nice rhodes and crisp drums what software/plugins do you use mainly?
Mon, Dec 26 4:03 AM RizKeyG review of The Last XMas (Sing Some More) by SackJo22
Csoul and man with my own ears... and isnt that piano work absolutley fantastic ...
Mon, Dec 26 3:10 AM RizKeyG review of Ring, Little Bell - Kling Glockchen (Vladimir Sterzer) by Jamendo_Remixed
what a fanstastic piece of music
Mon, Dec 26 2:59 AM RizKeyG review of Wolf is chased up the Living Hills by a Gang of Salty Chocolate Balls Burgers by annabloom
This is the ART of Noise ..brilliant stuff
Mon, Dec 26 2:59 AM RizKeyG review of To assume an Opinion and opine on Assumptions by annabloom
Its like the art of noise meets enya.. and kate bush..LOVIN IT
Sun, Dec 25 12:52 PM RizKeyG review of Deck The Halls (Elves and Trumpets Mix) by spinningmerkaba
HA Quality
Sun, Dec 25 12:50 PM RizKeyG review of Piano (3/4) by colab
Sun, Dec 25 11:03 AM RizKeyG review of Viola Theme by Donnie Drost
fantastique... got me thinking of a possible track !!! :-)
Sun, Dec 25 3:30 AM RizKeyG review of One day by TheJoe
You Do Stuff so well.. its been a long time my friend since the remix world days...
Sun, Dec 25 3:28 AM RizKeyG review of Wait (Liquid Version) by maxwell
i know im a bit late arriving for the party.. .. nice work here ;-)
Sat, Dec 24 2:56 PM RizKeyG review of Give `Em Love by Loveshadow
A glass of Brandy - surrounded by friends, sitting around an open fire. I tip my...
Sat, Dec 24 1:06 PM RizKeyG review of Persephone by HaveMercy
Persephone! the daughter of zeus ? love the way this evolves and the ambience is...
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