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Reviews left by RizKeyG

Tue, Feb 28 4:13 AM RizKeyG review of I Saw Deep by Speck
The beat/vibe happenin from zero seconds to about 25seconds ( to my ears ) sound...
Tue, Feb 28 4:02 AM RizKeyG review of If You Wait (Anahitas Promise) by Loveshadow
Sometimes J, when you upload a track on here.. i dont hear it as a remix! its as...
Tue, Feb 28 3:30 AM RizKeyG review of The Only Love I Ever Needed ( 2012 ) by Loveshadow
One Fixed hand to create a track by the One Man Band ;-) This is proper Britasti...
Sat, Feb 11 6:33 AM RizKeyG review of Sing A Song by Loveshadow
THIS IS CHURCH! ...ive got your new band name guys... its called U.N.C.L.E - F.R...
Sat, Feb 11 6:29 AM RizKeyG review of Marsh Mellow :-) by Loveshadow
Its like a Jet Puffed, Campfire mix ;-) P.s. Keep up with this kind o shizzle...
Fri, Dec 30 11:48 AM RizKeyG review of SEED(remix) by Nethis
Sound Environment Experienced Drama There is a lot going on....and its all go...
Tue, Dec 27 3:51 AM RizKeyG review of Flanger Bass by AT
Tue, Dec 27 3:49 AM RizKeyG review of Cerebral Corset by AT
always a sucka for soundscapes and this it on the list
Tue, Dec 27 3:49 AM RizKeyG review of back talk by AT
Nice vibe lovin it !
Mon, Dec 26 3:04 PM RizKeyG review of Two Souls by Jeris
this is great
Mon, Dec 26 3:02 PM RizKeyG review of Spaced Invaders 2011 (90 BPM) by coruscate
I might give this a go!!!
Mon, Dec 26 10:45 AM RizKeyG review of so soon by Speck
Got to say.. you started off like this and end like this... thats what i call ke...
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