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Reviews left by RizKeyG

Mon, Oct 8 5:37 AM RizKeyG review of Dig Deep Mix by Lasswell
Chill My ASS!! oh yeah sweet as a rap mo fo ! ;-)
Mon, Oct 8 5:36 AM RizKeyG review of Outside Poolside by Lasswell
This is one of those euphoric feel good about yourself tracks.. synth solo is th...
Thu, Oct 4 5:06 AM RizKeyG review of My Heart Beats So Fast by Loveshadow
Ready for release ;-)
Sun, Aug 19 2:52 PM RizKeyG review of The Writer (Piano Song 2 by Ras Tilo) by myvanillaworld
In your profile you play your skills down quite a bit... I think your pretty dam...
Sun, Aug 19 2:48 PM RizKeyG review of A Book of Empty Lines by Loveshadow
so thats what a little black book is ! synth selection in the track sounds compl...
Wed, Jul 18 3:26 AM RizKeyG review of Belle of the Belle by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
loving the vocal style ... its automaticaly come up with a few sounds/beats and ...
Tue, Jul 10 10:52 AM RizKeyG review of The Heart String by Loveshadow
playing the track whislt watching you animated widget ...( falling lady ) is cap...
Tue, Jul 10 10:48 AM RizKeyG review of Heart on the Floor by Loveshadow
Ambientaly .. my dear Watson :-)
Tue, Jul 10 10:46 AM RizKeyG review of Heart on the Floor( Zero G Mix ) by Loveshadow
Sat, Jun 16 2:11 PM RizKeyG review of A New May Day by Loveshadow
As the Man called U.N.C.L.E already knows ... This is in my top ten of ALL TIME ...
Tue, May 1 2:23 AM RizKeyG review of Movie Star * (The Making Of X) by Loveshadow
Things have come a long way from the old days ... for example... how long would ...
Tue, Feb 28 4:20 AM RizKeyG review of CLOSE YOUR MOUTH by Sturzstrom
This is a massive mix ! sweet !
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