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Wed, Oct 10 2:05 AM RizKeyG review of PC04 by unreal_dm
You can enjoy a real long journey on the road with some of these tracks Unreal :...
Wed, Oct 10 2:05 AM RizKeyG review of Flying by unreal_dm
Love the Blues feel to this .. a very complete track for an mp3 player and a cou...
Wed, Oct 10 2:03 AM RizKeyG review of PC05 by unreal_dm
Im slowly going back to basics and moving away from the PC for a while ... and y...
Tue, Oct 9 12:34 PM RizKeyG review of Think of You by Shyness
Superb :-)
Tue, Oct 9 10:50 AM RizKeyG review of Brake Dance by Andres Franco
I like this
Mon, Oct 8 5:49 AM RizKeyG review of Atoning As Is by Speck
Theres something so haunting about this.. that it sounds amazing
Mon, Oct 8 5:47 AM RizKeyG review of Let the Angels Take this Song by unreal_dm
Like Blues Brothers with a twist ..this is great
Mon, Oct 8 5:46 AM RizKeyG review of Shine by unreal_dm
Real Instruments.. WE dont here that very often... Brilliant stuff
Mon, Oct 8 5:43 AM RizKeyG review of Magic In Your Eyes (a cappella) 89 bpm by Songboy3
These Lyrics have launched a few damn fine mixes.. from Lass and LS .. outstandi...
Mon, Oct 8 5:41 AM RizKeyG review of Eye Magic Mix by Lasswell
CLassic to a fault.. even LS based a joint on this tune;-) AND YOU WORK WHERE AG...
Mon, Oct 8 5:40 AM RizKeyG review of beeKoo mix by Lasswell
Your Are good at this RAP Funk Stuff MY THUMB IS...
Mon, Oct 8 5:39 AM RizKeyG review of It Was 1972 by Lasswell
Smoother than nylons ;-)
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