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Strange Marionette

uploaded: Tue, Apr 5, 2011 @ 10:17 AM last modified: Tue, Apr 5, 2011 @ 10:18 AM  (add)
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I wrote this song during FAWM about Madame de Montespan, one of the more famous mistresses of Louis XIV

On most of my uploads I try to stick to click so they’re easier to work with. This is all there is to this song, and the form of it kind of dictates that it stops and starts and changes tempo about 4 million times, but I figured I would see if anyone can do anything with any of this. If nothing else the harpsichord stuff can be pretty atmospheric.

All the surface noise on the vocal track is an unfortunate side effect of playing and singing at the same time. I could probably remove it if I was smarter, but I’m not. And I wanted it in the final mix anyway to add to the “live” feel of the recording.

La Voisin,
I looked for you,
I beg of you,
Make me whole again.

I was told:
“Go, abandon your shocking life, and then
come and throw yourself at the feet of the
ministers of Jesus Christ!”
She’s the rose of Versailles,
She’s a thorn in my side,
A strange marionette,
despite it all, I loved her once.

La Voisin,
Oh, what a rosy dream we’ve had.
I tried my hand at courtly affectation,
look how I failed.

Turning to fashionable madness,
pox patches, black masses,
She knows how to love, but I’ve made hate the latest style.
Despite attempting at pretension, it’s the places that I’ve been,
It’s the books that I have read
that made me what I am:
A wicked girl,
A strange marionette.
One who’s been too long looking at the Sun.

La Voisin,
I’ll give you my diamonds,
I’ll give you these red, red rubies for:
the bones of toads, the teeth of moles,
Spanish flies, iron filings, human blood,
and mummy dust
to make him love me again.

Or, should I abandon my shocking life,and then
come and throw myself at the feet of the
ministers of Jesus Christ?
La Voisin,
look at me now!

A lonely ghost,
A strange marionette,
One whose time is almost over.

Maybe someday she’ll understand.
Maybe someday she’ll understand.
Maybe someday she’ll understand.

"Strange Marionette"
by jacindae

2011 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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