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Reviews left by Klaus_N

Fri, Sep 12 5:20 AM Klaus_N review of Mississippi Kite by frompast0
I really like the trumpet in the middle part it really could be Miles playin ! ...
Fri, Sep 12 5:15 AM Klaus_N review of sleepin by grapes
Very well done , nice guitar movement ,was ist really me or really you ?
Fri, Aug 15 12:03 PM Klaus_N review of Freedom (Waking Mix) by vo1k1
Very well done - man you are gifted ! Best remix I heard with my own samples so ...
Mon, Aug 4 11:23 PM Klaus_N review of Surhavi la Juvelojn Heredaĵan by Dominique Cyprès
Nice work - cool steel string sounds !
Mon, Jun 16 1:30 AM Klaus_N review of Fragile Getaway by radiotimes
very nice, of course there should be a bridge or something
Tue, Mar 11 11:17 AM Klaus_N review of On The Spot by KatazTrophee
cool guitar lick in this song !
Sun, Sep 9 11:54 PM Klaus_N review of H_u_m_m by Urdypooh
This tune has a great piano intro !
Thu, Aug 23 11:58 PM Klaus_N review of My happy little bass by Fireproof_Babies
I like the acoustic guitar on this track !
Fri, Jul 20 6:40 AM Klaus_N review of Grab The Mic 4 Real [tdRMX_2ndCut] by tripledoubler
I really like the cool bass line on this track !
Thu, Jul 19 11:30 PM Klaus_N review of Sometimes by LiquidEyes
Heya, the K4 sounds very well in this arrangement, what a stunning vintage sound...
Fri, Jun 8 11:27 PM Klaus_N review of Klaus' secret life by Fireproof_Babies
Oh what a great honour ! Seems the SH-5 is the model for the under 25 musicians,...
Tue, Jun 5 12:10 PM Klaus_N review of Algo de vida by SilviaO
Very nice melody & gently voice as always , ohh I must create another masterpiec...
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