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Tue, May 29 6:07 AM Klaus_N review of Volando hacia la Luna (SilviaO vocal mix) by saryon
oho, this sounds like if Silvia went to a disco and took some speed or extasy pi...
Mon, May 7 1:36 AM Klaus_N review of Nube by oldDog
exzellent - you created a masterpiece ! I like the harp & perc on this one.
Sun, May 6 1:10 PM Klaus_N review of nebulous by deaddragoncarcass
This sounds like SilviaO has a love affair with Gary Newman . Oh man where do yo...
Fri, May 4 1:55 AM Klaus_N review of We Are by teru
Ohhhh did not expect that someone could use my flute samples, because the flute ...
Sat, Apr 21 1:57 AM Klaus_N review of Te Amare by BeeAge
A very experimental approach, but I realy like the acoustic sound esp. the 12 st...
Sat, Apr 21 1:38 AM Klaus_N review of Te amaré (scmixer progressive dance mix) by s.c.mixer
Exzellent , I like the Rhodes loop on this one !
Mon, Apr 16 4:01 PM Klaus_N review of Nube by SilviaO
Ohhhh what a lovely voice . Ohhhhh I will try to make a masterpiece out of it !...
Sun, Apr 1 11:52 AM Klaus_N review of accoustic sunset (leaving orbit mix) by duckett
Cool ! the 12 string guitar riff fits perfect into this arrangement .
Sun, Mar 11 3:16 AM Klaus_N review of Big Show by teru
exzellent, cool remix, I like the strings !
Thu, Mar 8 2:09 AM Klaus_N review of TimeTravelingMusician by Nickleus
exzellent ! the guitar chords fit well and I like most the medieval sounding str...
Mon, Mar 5 2:52 AM Klaus_N review of Hourglass by Phazor
Nice work ! very well done ! ohhh flute is only the third instrument I play , so...
Fri, Mar 2 9:46 AM Klaus_N review of Crossing The Line by DJ.E-State
a cool one ! , I don't understand the words but I like the way you used the pian...
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