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Sat, Jan 20 12:06 PM Klaus_N review of mysamplebossrap by maumaummm
You guys had fun recoding this track ! great !
Sat, Sep 30 1:57 AM Klaus_N review of Tu corazón by minimal_art
cool gutiar riff !!!!!!
Mon, Sep 25 1:48 AM Klaus_N review of es tarde (n.pref remix) by norelpref
Exzellent ! Very good guitar work !You can do magic !
Fri, Aug 11 1:24 AM Klaus_N review of Desaprendere (Toxic Blood Mix) by Aamu
very interresting approach ! But I think Silvia'S voice and speed metal is a som...
Fri, Aug 11 1:12 AM Klaus_N review of Ophelia by Darkroom
Very good ! I like the piazolla like tango feeling ! excellent cello on this one...
Sun, Aug 6 12:59 AM Klaus_N review of Nebulous Advice by teru
Very Good ! I like the guitar & bass on this ! The voice samples fit nearly perf...
Wed, Aug 2 2:33 PM Klaus_N review of Just One Man - Brasiliero -remix by teru
This one is really excellent ! The way you used the sample is making this tune a...
Wed, Aug 2 8:29 AM Klaus_N review of 43 by Budapest BluesBoy
Very nice ! I like the strings ! The delay effects are also great !
Wed, Aug 2 7:47 AM Klaus_N review of Emi'S theme by Citizen Nyx
Exzellent, I like the piano on this one. Voices fit well into the rythm.
Wed, Aug 2 2:59 AM Klaus_N review of Ophelia's Song (Tru.mind mix) by Tru_ski
Interresting ! Maybe the vocals need more chords sometimes or the synth drums co...
Tue, Aug 1 9:09 AM Klaus_N review of ush que mal by penston
Good ! I like the off beat organ on this one ! The noises & vocals fit also well...
Tue, Aug 1 8:51 AM Klaus_N review of Let Me Out Please by Cracks
Well done ! I like the guitars & bell like keys on this one. The drum pattern co...
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