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Mon, Feb 23 5:18 PM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of New Age Piano Movements 5 by Klaus_N
I really enjoyed listening to your uploads
Sat, Feb 14 10:14 AM Ivan Chew review of Electric Guitar Carulli Theme by Klaus_N
Thanks for introducing me to Carulli :) BTW, nice sample. I've been playing it o...
Mon, Sep 22 6:06 AM EonPeon review of Ophelia's Song by Klaus_N
I loved this song so much, I used it as the backdrop throughout my short film, '...
Mon, Mar 24 6:47 PM gurdonark review of Harpsichord Variations 1 by Klaus_N
After creating so many near-harpsichord sounds with synths it's good to hear thi...
Tue, Mar 11 6:23 AM KatazTrophee review of Flamenco Guitar (from Tu Corazon) by Klaus_N
Hope you enjoy the mix
Sat, Jan 19 8:21 PM pingnews review of Acoustic Guitar Changes 5 by Klaus_N
Thanks for this. One of my favorites and well done.
Thu, Dec 13 3:16 AM Pitx review of Acoustic Guitar Changes 1 by Klaus_N
This theme is a fragment of Asturias by Isaac Albeniz. You can listen to a vers...
Fri, Dec 7 9:16 PM gurdonark review of Electric Piano Progressions 2 by Klaus_N
This is great. Sounds like sometihng that someone like Teru or cdk could take an...
Tue, Nov 20 1:52 AM duckett review of Acoustic Guitar Changes 5 by Klaus_N
yum, Ill grab some of these...
Sat, Nov 17 5:45 AM gurdonark review of Acoustic Guitar Changes 6 by Klaus_N
Another *very* nice guitar loop. Some day, if you have a chance, it might be ...
Fri, Nov 16 5:36 PM Fireproof_Babies review of Acoustic Guitar Changes 4 by Klaus_N
Fourstones is correct- From the nobility, to the peasants, we appreciate you!
Fri, Nov 16 12:55 PM victor review of Acoustic Guitar Changes 4 by Klaus_N
I just wanted to stop by to say thanks for uploading all these great samples to ...
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