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Reviews left by Kirkoid

Sun, Jun 5 2:47 AM Kirkoid review of Emergence (Kirkoid Remix) by Rewob
Amazing how you merged so many tracks, it's a musical meander through 15 years o...
Wed, May 11 12:03 AM Kirkoid review of Mr Wombles by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks for doing a really good job on this, 10 years after I recorded the only s...
Sat, May 11 4:06 AM Kirkoid review of Mr. Wombles by bento box
Awesome, I can just see Rick trying to dance to this and Vyvyan beating the crap...
Mon, Jul 23 10:48 AM Kirkoid review of Robots can't play shakuhachi by robwalkerpoet
Takes it in cool new ethereal direction. More cyborg than robot now!
Sat, May 12 8:29 AM Kirkoid review of Whispering Campion by CSoul
Just my cup of tea, straight to ipod
Sun, Feb 19 11:12 PM Kirkoid review of Tumblin Down (cdk Mix) by cdk
I do like. I think I may have started the same with the original, bass loop at...
Sun, Jul 3 11:41 PM Kirkoid review of The Bipolar Bear (Live in Concert) by Papa_Zulu
Hearing yourself play live in a concert you have no memory of, how rock n roll i...
Wed, Mar 30 10:14 AM Kirkoid review of Hungry Mr Wombles by go1dfish
You've done old Wombles proud thank you. I'm sure he's tapping his paws along to...
Sat, Dec 29 5:42 AM Kirkoid review of So long and unremembered by Fireproof_Babies
Warm and psychadelic - gone straight on my ipod.
Tue, Nov 27 2:57 PM Kirkoid review of a drop entering the ocean by Fireproof_Babies
Excellent, I've always been a fan of backwards guitars, are we now playing remix...
Wed, Sep 12 10:18 AM Kirkoid review of Zonga's blisters by Fireproof_Babies
I like it, can you make the guitar available to download seperately?
Tue, Sep 11 3:00 PM Kirkoid review of The City Awakes by stefsax
I love this! Very Up, Bustle & Out/Herbaliser.